tarmac 14:59 03 Dec 2007

i have some photos in psp8 and i can,t get to grips with the resizing of them,I know how to use the crop tool but when i select the size i want 3.5 width x 5.0 height it measures 3.0 width x 2.0 height, am i right in thinking that they are done to scale and if i print it off they will be 3.5 x 5.0 if not what am i doing wrong.


  Kemistri 16:27 03 Dec 2007

If no-one comes up with the answer, have look at these tutorials (click here) found from a quick search, or if that doesn't help and no PSP users turn up here, ask at a PSP forum. Not that I want to send you away from this fine forum, but I sometimes find that questions about specific software have to be asked at specific sites that only deal with that software.

  alB 18:28 04 Dec 2007

Open your image and then click "shift and S to bring up the resize box, take the tick out of "Lock aspect ratio" and then put your measurements into "print size" ...alB

  tarmac 21:02 04 Dec 2007

Cheers alB
I did as you suggested and then put 6x4 into print size and they then measured 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 does this mean that it will still print out at 6x4 or not, when i zoom in i still can,t get the exact 6x4, also we have noticed that the crop tool on psp works ok on 2 photos that my lad took with his mobile phone but will not with the digital camera that i used.

(Sorry for being so thick)

  alB 22:33 04 Dec 2007

Yes , they should do, after you have resized your picture go to file and select print layout, drag your picture onto the template and you should see the size relative to an A4 sheet, this should give you a good indication of the final print size ...alB

  tarmac 11:48 05 Dec 2007

Cheers mate it has worked a treat.
have a nice xmas.

  alB 15:49 05 Dec 2007

Nice one, Best Wishes to you too ...alB

  Demora 11:43 07 Dec 2007

Just what I also needed.



  tarmac 13:46 18 Dec 2007

Hi again,
Sorry if i am been a nuisance, but i am still having problems with sizing and printing photos, I did what alB suggested and everything went to plan until it came to printing, the prints i want are 3 x 5 and they are printing out at 2 x 3 1/2
Any ideas.

  alB 17:34 18 Dec 2007

Hi, I've tried a test print using my suggestion on my PSP and the picture prints out at 5 x 3.7 on mine because of the aspect ratio of my test picture, the only other thing I can think of is that your printer may be set up to print at a reduced size, can you check your printer settings? ...alB

  tarmac 14:18 19 Dec 2007

Thanks alB,

Everything has been resolved for the time being
Once again you have come to the rescue. Cheers.

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