tarmac 19:48 08 Apr 2006

Hi All,
most of my menu options are greyed out i have been on pspug tips+ tricks and that tells me to go to menu>colours>increase>16m colours, trouble is i can,t find colours in my menu ( are they hidden somewhere else )??? ihave looked everywhere.

  terryf 20:37 08 Apr 2006

Surely that tip is for pics not menus? Try contro; panel>add/remove and do a repair or un-install/ re-instal

  terryf 20:38 08 Apr 2006

should be control panel, my fingers don't follow my eyes on the keyboard

  ventanas 21:15 08 Apr 2006

If you open an image that is less than 16 million colours, such as a gif, most of the options will be unavailable, as you have seen.

From the Image menu, go to Increase Colour Depth\16 million colours(24bit). The greyed out options will activate.

  tarmac 13:44 09 Apr 2006

cheers ventanas i had already tried that and it still won,t activate, how will i know if it a gif,and how do i change it to jpeg etc.

  terryf 14:19 09 Apr 2006

control panel>folder options>view tab uncheck hide file extensions for known file types. In windows explorer navigate to the folder where the file is, on the tool bar click on the views icon on the rhs, select details and all will be revealed, the file name will include the file type .gif or .jpg or whatever. To change from one type to another, open the file in PSP8 and 'save as' the different file type. The save as window will allow you to change the name and file type. Note saving as a different type does NOT overwrite the original file.

  singalong 17:49 09 Apr 2006


If you have no image open in Paint Shop Pro, the menus will be greyed out. Fairly obvious, but just in case - have you opened an image first?

I know, but I had to ask.

  tarmac 19:25 09 Apr 2006

to answer your question singalong yes i do open a image first, the thing is that when i click on image on menu bar (the one on the top )and scroll down to pallette the only ones not greyed out are LOAD PALETTE + SET PALETTE TRANSPARENCY if i go onto DECREASE COLOUR DEPTH none are greyed out and finaly if i go to increase colour depth all three are greyed out.
sorry if i,m been a pain in the you know what.

  ventanas 21:24 09 Apr 2006

No you're not being a pain.It is quite easy to check the colour depth of any open image. It's in the status bar at bottom right.

By the way you should not be using the palette commands. They will be greyed out until you open a palleted image (256 colours.

My menu commands on PSp 7; 8; 9 and 10 are just the same as yours. All increase colour depth are greyed out - because the open image is 24 bit. All decrease commands are available, which is exactly as it should be. As with most programs PSP will make commands that cannot be used unavailable (greyed out) I don't think you have anything wrong, its just a matter of understanding how it works. The manual does explain it all.

Just have a look at the other menus with a 24 bit image open. Nearly everything should be available, with the exception of items in the Objects menu.

  tarmac 19:48 10 Apr 2006

thank you ventanas you have been a great help.

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