PSP connecting to internet wirelessly

  scp99 13:53 03 May 2006


Don't know whether this correct forum or not but seemed most relevant. I want to wirelessly connect my sons PSP to the internet via our existing wireless home network. Have tried with the appropriate IP addresses and SSID of network and the WEP encrytion key and the PSP cannot connect. I have two computers on the existing wireless network a laptop and a desktop. The IP addresses given are not dynamically assigned.

The router is a Draytek 2600We about 3 years old.

The operating system on both Computers is Windows XP Home.

I have tried both ways, dymically assigned by the Router and manually assigned giving each device an IP address but each way I try the PSP fails to connect. I have not bought any additional hardware to connect the PSP. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks

  scp99 13:26 04 May 2006

I have heard of a product called WifiMax retailing at £17.99. Does anyone know anything about this product and will it do what I require it to. Or is there a better way?

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

  Aargh 11:46 05 May 2006

I had a few problems setting ours up.

What wireless standard (b or g)does your router work on?

When you attempt to create a new connection and scan with the PSP, does it see the network?

Is your router set up to exclude a range of IP addresses or to filter mac addresses?

If your router is set up so there is no bar to the PSP joining the network, I found I had to manually enter all the settings, including IP address, subnet mask, default router and both primary and secondary DNS addresses for my ISP.

I then set the router security to include the IP/mac address for the router.

I never succeeded with the automatic setup method.

I also found that I could use WPA when I created an internet connection on the PSP, but when I tried to connect from in a game (Fifa 06), it would not accept the WPA connection, so I've had to reset my router to WEP to allow the PSP access to online games.

I have also upgraded the software for the PSP to ver2.6

  Aargh 11:51 05 May 2006

Have a look in here for other ideas

click here

  scp99 13:53 05 May 2006

Thanks Aargh.

Firstly, the wireless standard is 802.11b as the router is nearly three years old.

Regarding excluding IP addresses and filtering I don't know the exact position but I believe that the setting as far as I recall does not exlude nor filter though it does have the functionality.

Have tried manually setting the ip address, subnet mask, and the primary and secondary DNS servers.

What IP address should I give the PSP? Should it be just another device IP from the network eg . . .10, . . . 11, PSP . . .12?

I think I will have a look at the router set up.

It mind sound dumb but how will know whether the router is "set the router security to include the IP/mac address for the router"? is it just the Routers IP address?

Was upgrading the PSP to v2.6 was that a necessity to connect or just desirable.?

Many thanks for all your help. Much appreciated. One lad will be happy if I can get it to work!:-)

  Aargh 14:39 05 May 2006

The PSP is wireless b compatible.

Yes-the router IP address will usually be 1 eg or similar. Each PC connected to the router will (automatically?) be assigned a consecutive IP address.

If your router does it automatically, the address will be provided, if not select the next consecutive number and put that into both the router and PSP.

I am not familiar with your router, but on some it is possible to block IP & mac addresses from joining your network. If possible, disable this function. Once you have connected the PSP, you can re enable it including the PSP in the allowed list.

You may have to make sure you are using Key 1 in your WEP. I have read that PSP only likes WEP generated in Key 1, and will not accept others, so check how your WEP is set up.

I upgraded to ver2.6 to see if it helped with WPA (it didn't) and friends happily get online without upgrading from original, so its up to you.

Also, not many games appear to work as well as claimed online, and many only work in adhoc mode.

Let me know when you get sorted and my son can thrash yours in Fifa06!!!!!!!!

  scp99 15:16 05 May 2006

Sure will do.

Thanks for all your help. :-)

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