PSC 1210 printer error & slow printing

  User-36122A37-7E28-4C9E-9C3E2E2071A31BBA 23:05 13 Sep 2004

A friend of mine is having problems with a HP PSC 1210 all in one printer/scanner. It will not run a clean cycle it just reports a cartridge carriage jammed error, although as soon as you manage to stop the clean cycle the cartridges return to there normal places without a problem.
Also it is incredibly slow printing, it has just taken 15 minutes to print the Windows ME printer test page (this is the same on Win XP also). The print heads seem to do one sweep across the paper then wait for about 15 seconds then return then wait another 15 seconds and return and so on until the page is finished.
Has anybody else had this problem and if so how did you get over it, or has anybody got any suggestions as to what the problem might be.

Thanks Mick

  Diodorus Siculus 08:08 14 Sep 2004

It may be a problem with drivers - can you uninstall and reinstall?

Is is connected via USB or parallel? If you have the option, try the other.

The drivers on the Win ME computer are a fresh install downloaded from the HP website just to test the printer. It is normally used on a Win XP computer with the same problems.
The way it sits and waits seems like it is waiting for more data
Unfortunately it is a USB only printer

  Whaty 10:35 14 Sep 2004

Can you print a test page independant of the computer, IE; just using the buttons on the printers panel.? If so, do you have the same problem.? If you are still having the same problem it would suggest the problem lies with the printer, if not, then it's probably either the drivers or the USB cable..

This has got a diagnostic printout that will run without being connected to the computer, this is also very slow printing and the colours are not printing totally clear but I cannot run the clean cycle to correct that. So it seems as though it is a printer problem. Any suggestions welcome, sounds as though its going to have to come to pieces unfortunately.

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