PSA security with mixed windows system

  willo500 18:47 20 Oct 2006


I have set up a network with 3 pcs. A laptop and a desktop each running XP and one desktop running ME.

I can't get the ME desktop to connect using PSA-PSK and I understand I might have to use WEP. Is this right? Will this make my network less secure and if so is there any way to rectify thi? Also will the pc which running Me compromise the security of the network? It is old and obviously has security vulnerabilities.

All help gratefully received.


  willo500 19:05 20 Oct 2006

I should have mentioned that the XP desktop is connected via ethernet cable to the wireless router. Would this make this pc more secure and so if I resticted sensitive browsing such as banking to this pc and also did not share any documents from it on the network would it isolate it from any hacking problems?


  Mr Mistoffelees 20:32 20 Oct 2006

The best way to proceed, if you can, would be to connect the PC with Windows ME to the router with the ethernet cable. Then you can use WPA-PSK security for the wireless connection to the other two machines.

  willo500 23:07 20 Oct 2006

Thanks for the reply but would the ME computer be secure because it isn't wireless. forgive my ignorance but if I did things the way you suggest could I use the PSA PSK type of security?

Also can you tell me if I connected any pc via ethernet cable would this pc be secure no matter what happens to other pcs on the network?



  willo500 17:13 29 Oct 2006

Hmm I have set the system up with the XP desktop connected via ethernet cable to the router and the ME desktop connected via a wireless network Adapter. I couldn't use PSA-PSK so I used WEP and hope this is sufficient but I am still unclear as to whether or not the ME computer (because of old software and general unreliability) poses a security risk to the other pc on the network. Does anyone know?



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