PS/2 port for Mouse not working

  CLONNEN 17:55 05 Apr 2008

I have a Packard Bell computer and today the mouse just suddenly went weird on me. It kept "sticking" instead of flowing smoothly like it normally does. About an hour ago it died completely. No movement whatsoever - I have done about six reboots, switched off the compluter mains plug and disconnected and reconnected the mouse to the green PS/2 port (3 times).

Strangely the optical mouse still lights up on the underside when plugged in (so I assume the port must still be receiving power) but it just won't move the cursor.

I have also tried connecting the mouse to the purple keyboard PS/2 port to see if it would work on that one but still no cursor movement.

I know the purple port is definitely working because the PS2 Keyboard works on it just fine. (The Keyboard does NOT work in the green mouse port - I have tried).

Is the green port busted (as neither mouse nor keyboard work in it) or is it the Mouse which is bust?

  johnnyrocker 18:02 05 Apr 2008

try deleting in device manager and reboot, see if it works then?


  DieSse 19:21 05 Apr 2008

Try another mouse. Broken cables due to constant flexing is a perennial problem with mice.

The mouse won't work in the keyboard port, or vice versa.

  CLONNEN 20:21 05 Apr 2008

You're wrong there - my Medion computer has the Keyboard in the mouse port and the Mouse in the keyboard port and both work fine. (I swapped them last year due to the Mouse stopped working in its own port). The connections are exactly the same according to the computer manual.

The Packard Bell must be wired differently to other computers because it doesn't work with USB to PS/2 adaptors either (in either PS/2 port).

None of our other computers have this trouble with Mice and Keyboards. The USB ports are also prone to stopping dead - they mysteriously start working again after six months rest.

I keep wondering if the BIOS is resetting itself or something.

  DieSse 20:28 05 Apr 2008

"None of our other computers have this trouble with Mice and Keyboards."

In which case you should hopefully have tested the mouse on another computer, and another mouse in this computer. Results?

  ArcAngel67 18:24 21 Jun 2008

I've had a similar problem, which I have been unable to resolve - any advice would we welcomed.

My son has a desktop with PS/2 mouse and keyboard. Today the mouse stopped working. I have tried swapping mouse and keyboard (as above) and when I did this neither mouse or keyboard would work. I have got into safe mode and checked the device manager where there was no mention of a mouse being fitted at all, so I can't delete it and reinstall. I have tried system restore, but no change.

Is there anything else I can do?

  Technotiger 18:27 21 Jun 2008

Does your mouse have a ball underneath?

If so, take the ball out and clean off the hardened gunk that accumulates on the small rollers inside the mouse, it is best to use a small screwdriver or nail-file, make sure the rollers are completely smooth and then replace the ball.

  ArcAngel67 18:33 21 Jun 2008


I tried this first as I've had similar problems in the past (not with this PC though).

  woodchip 19:04 21 Jun 2008

If its a wired mouse, you will most likely find that one of the wires near the mouse as broke inside its sheath. Only way to repair is take screws out of mouse Cut wires about 3" from Mouse and strip cable about 2" so you can see all the coloured wires then resolder to mouse one at a time after removing that wire

  woodchip 19:05 21 Jun 2008

If you try a cheap mouse in the port I think you will find it still works

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