ps2 keyboard suddenly not working??

  Mr Jarndyce 14:11 09 Sep 2005

Some solutions to this unusual problem would be greatly appreciated. I know USB ports can be a bit temperental but not known ps2 before. The keyboard I know is fine it works on other pc was until this morning when out of blue it does not now. Checked on back of pc the ps2 socket seems fine not loose… what are things could I try/check to see if I can get it back working?

  ACOLYTE 14:18 09 Sep 2005

Have you checked the pins on the ps2 adapter on the keyboard cable one might be bent.

  Mr Jarndyce 14:21 09 Sep 2005

Yes Acolyte checked pins ps2 adapter all is good there...the keyboard works fine on other pc... just out of blue don't work on this one now

  amonra 14:28 09 Sep 2005

Go to Cntrl Panel /Keyboard /Hardware, is the keyboard a standard 101/102 ???
If that's OK, click on "Troubleshoot" underneath.

  Kenneth-266656 14:51 09 Sep 2005

Possible you have an open circuit on one of the conductors in the flexible connecting cable. A simple ohmeter test would show this up

  Greengage 15:31 09 Sep 2005

I suppose you have already tried re-booting.

  €dstowe 15:35 09 Sep 2005

PS/2 ports are sensitive to being "hot plugged" and there is a small fuse on their power line which will blow at the slightest provocation.

Unfortunately, this fuse is on the motherboard and difficult/impossible to repair.

  Stuartli 15:41 09 Sep 2005

Try Removing the keyboard in Device manager and rebooting; Windows should Find New Hardware.

  woodchip 15:45 09 Sep 2005

I had this once a cheap Motherboard from new did not last long, it lost 5 volts supply to keyboard PS2 connection some where on the Mobo I ran a jumper wire across from the ATX socket 5volts line to get it working

  Mr Jarndyce 18:30 09 Sep 2005

Thank you for all yr imports... but keyboard was working on machine fine then two hrs later it was not.... it's not a hardwear issue I'm sure.... its ... Keyboard does not show in device manager as far as pc is concerned it is not 'there' I'm certain that just as usb ports can get funny... if only we ps2 keyboard ...

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