PS Elements - several images onto A4 page

  sheila.weston 14:56 23 Aug 2010

Can someone remind me please, how to put several images onto an A4 page to make my own photo album.I would like a video, preferably. I have opened a new file of a blank page in A4 size, then opened the four pictures which I want to transfer, but they don't seem to want to be dragged and they would be too large, in any case.

Can anyone recommend a video to show the method.

  sheila.weston 15:00 23 Aug 2010

I have PS Elements 3.

  northumbria61 15:03 23 Aug 2010

Look here - click here

  northumbria61 15:05 23 Aug 2010

This one is for multiple images on one page - click here

  john bunyan 15:59 23 Aug 2010

I create a blank image, size A4, resolution 300 dpi.
Open each image and size them to about 9.8 cm wide in portrait mode (auto height about 14 cm) and 300 dpi. then go to each image in turn, "Select" "all""Edit" "Copy". Then on (with move tool selected)the blank image "Edit", "Paste". Then move to, say , top left corner. do the same with the other images, moving them to suit. Then flatten image. NB most important that the blank and all the images have same resolution (I use 300 dpi) I keep a copy of the blank.Hope it works in Elements 3 - I have CS5!

  robin_x 16:23 23 Aug 2010

I use Excel because I find you can right click or double click the frames and resize easily. And then you go File/Print Preview.

But I am probably a dinosaur.

  sheila.weston 20:29 23 Aug 2010

Many thanks. John, you do mean 300 pixels per inch, don't you? Rather odd that the defaut size seems to be 300.125. Anyway I've put 300 - (can't see that it makes much difference!).

I selected the image, after resizing, and managed to drag it across,as opposed to copy and paste, then positioned it.

It looks promising, but I have black lines which are dividing the A4 page into squares. How do I remove these? They are white over the pictures.

Actually, the lines disappear when I flatten the image, but I don't remember them being there when I last used this program, on the old windows ?7 pc.

I'll work through the videos tomorrow.

  john bunyan 20:38 23 Aug 2010

Well done, some progress. I will have a look, dont understand the lines.The reason for the 300 is that it is a good resolution for printing. As long as the blank and the pictures are the same you could use another one.

  ams4127 21:12 23 Aug 2010

I do this all the time. Using the software for my Canon printer I can put up to six photos on one A4 page. The settings are under the "Paper size and type" tab.

I've also done it using my last two printers (HP and Epson).

It's far easier this way than using any photo editing software.

  sheila.weston 10:15 24 Aug 2010

I am wondering if the program is 'slightly' corrupted, (?perhaps due to using Vista) as when I move a picture on the blank A4 page, to reposition it, I leave a trail, as it were - ie it looks as if there are lots of pics almost on top of each other, although the page prints OK. The other odd thing that happens is that when I minimise one of the open images, the pic disappears and changes to dotted lines around were the image was and goes in a jerky movement to the bottom of the screen, before it reappears as a thumbnail - most odd.

Yes, ams4127, I can use my Canon printer to get several pics on a page, but I want to position them myself and add varying amounts of text. Thanks for the reminder, though.

  lotvic 10:30 24 Aug 2010

It's easy to do in Word > insert > Picture

I have been doing this for some old photos that I wanted to have text descriptions on. Did 2 pics on each page landscape view (2 columns) with text underneath and some with text on the pics
Then because I wanted the finished result to be a .jpg I just went to View > Fullscreen, and did a screenshot when I'd got A4 page to right zoom size for monitor.

Then pasted screenshot into PaintshopPro to crop borders to just the A4 page before saving as .jpg

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