In PS Elements 9 - change dpi but keep image same

  sheila.weston 17:22 06 Jan 2011

I have a jpg file of A4 size, but it is only 96dpi. How do I change it to 300dpi but keep the same image size? I use PS Elements 9.

Thanks for any help, as always.

  QuizMan 17:42 06 Jan 2011

Try this - open the crop tool and make sure the aspect ration is set to "No restriction". Width, height and resolution boxes should be blank. Type 300 in resolution but leave the others blank and select the whole image with the crop tool. Then just click on the green tick.

  john bunyan 17:49 06 Jan 2011

In CS5 you click on Image, Image size then enter 300dpi in the box without changing the image size. It will interpolate (add pixels) so is not as good as it would have been had you shot the picture at a higher resolution.

  QuizMan 18:00 06 Jan 2011

Oops, let me think again about that. What I have done is show you how to change ppi, not dpi. The former relates to what you see on screen whereas dpi refers to how it prints out. The two are not the same. Perhaps we need to know what you are trying to achieve.

  john bunyan 19:49 06 Jan 2011

Worth a look:
click here

  QuizMan 21:01 06 Jan 2011

If you have not done so already, it is well worth having a look at photographic magazines for general photography & PSE help.
This is the one I subscribe to click here - they include a DVD every month with video tutorials on using Photoshop & Elements.

This link shows examples of video tutorials that they supply click here

  sheila.weston 22:27 06 Jan 2011

Many thanks, all. I will browse through the link you gave, John, tomorrow.

Normally I would go to image>resize> and change the dpi to 300, but it is linked to the size of the image (which changes to very small), whereas I want the image to stay at 21.3 x 30.32 cms.

I am trying to publish a book in I went through the whole process successfully before Christmas and have made some minor adjustments before publishing a new edition. It is the back-cover page which has an image and some text on it in A4 size. Now the front cover will 'work' OK, but I get an error notice about "photo may not be clear when published and I should use another picture or pick smaller image frame".

Someone else posted a similar problem on their forum in October, but no-one has answered it.

  eedcam 22:33 06 Jan 2011

Simple just choose resample the res can then be any thing you want the print size will remain the same but the image (file size) will change. The term Resize is too often misused it to resize when you change the Res the print size changes but the image (file size) stays the same
Look at the info in the resize box it will verify this

  100andthirty 06:13 07 Jan 2011

You can change the dpi on an existing image, but you won't alter the quality by any noticeable amount. What happens is that the software interpolates (approximates) the values of the extra pixels it generates. You might get a slightly better image if you sharpen it after resampling, but I doubt it'll be worth the trouble.

  QuizMan 09:28 07 Jan 2011

If you change the the settings via Image>resize as per your post 22:27 you are increasing the ppi (how it appears on the screen), not the dpi (how it prints out). That was where I was going wrong in my original reply.

  David4637 10:06 07 Jan 2011

If you change the DPI the quality will suffer, you must ensure the DPI is highest as poss if you change the image size. David

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