Proxy.GN trojan, can't remove it

  Chris25 14:50 18 Sep 2005

While scanning using Spyware Doctor I have found a trojan called Proxy.GN but when I click on Spyware Doctor to remove it, my PC restarts with the message "Windows must now shut down as a DCOM service process terminated unexpectedly". The trojan is still there on ther next scan.

Spyware Doctor describes the trojan thus: Trojan.Proxy.GN uses a hidden process to open a random TCP port which allows hackers to gain control of the infected system. It also modifies the host file to redirect popular security related websites to local host.

Which is a bit worrying!

Anybody heard of this trojan (none of my other spyware detectors pick it up) or know how to remove it?

  VoG II 14:56 18 Sep 2005

I think this is a false positive click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:13 18 Sep 2005

Okay, so this is the skinny.....I have 2 computers with MS Antispy on and I loaded SpywareBlaster and Adaware on each. Updated all programmes and scanned with the three.....result:nothing, de nada, zilch, Kapish, nowt. Loaded spyware doctor on each and miraculously it found 20 examples of rampaging Trojans on each separate computer.

Now it would be a very cynical person that even after trawling t'internet courtesy of Google for your Trojan and finding nothing, would suggest that Spyware doctor is enticing the unwary to pay for it....I am such a person and I would suggest that they can shove their programme where a squirrel shoves it's nuts.

All you need is an up to date (free ) AV such as Avast or AVG and the free MS Antispy. You will be well protected and quids in.

Incidentally I have binned the programme and just use MS Antispy+AVG.



  Chris25 18:26 18 Sep 2005


Thanks for responding. I'm using a version of Spyware Doctor came on a cover disk, with a years free licence (so I've not paid them any money so far). It's been on my PC for a while but it's only since the last update to the "Malware detective" function that this problem has been showing up.

I'm hoping that it is a false positive, but have emailed the makers of SD and will post their response when it arrives.

I've got AVG installed as well GANDALF <|:-)>, it also fails to detect this "trojan", even with the latest updates.

Will let you know what PC Tools have to say.

  Chris25 22:43 20 Sep 2005

Interestingly the only mention of this trojan on the web is from PC Tool's own site and from various forums, where Spyware Doctor users are having identical problems to mine.

I still haven't recieved a reply from PC Tools (not impressed).

As a test I installed a newer version of Spyware Doctor, updated its definitions file and it failed to detect this trojan.

Put my old version back on and suddenly it's there again.

I have to agree with the comments above. False positive.

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