Proxy Server is not responding

  RISC OS user 11:05 17 Mar 2013

Yesterday at 16.40 I installed Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems. with an installation status of Successful. I also installed

Platform Update for Windows 7 x64-Edition (KB2670838) not sure what it is for!

I then re-started the PC and all appeared OK my usual Firefox browser was functioning as normal, and IE did appear to be ok, not that I use it much, just do not like it! I understand that it cannot be removed as some programmes need it.

I also run Safari which is started at Boot up.

This morning I was unable to access the net via any of these 3 browsers, from IE I got "Proxy Server is not responding", similar from Safari, and Firefox, but did get a message about the proxy server,from Firefox so had a look via Tools, Options, Advanced,Network, Connection - settings, "Use system proxy settings" was selected (is this usual?) and changed it to "Auto detect proxy settings for this Network".

I have never changed these setting before just gone along with the default as set when firefox is installed.

Firefox is now functioning correctly as far as I can tell, but not IE or Safari, I am unable to find a way to get them to work. Thunderbird did not appear to be affected by this problem.

So how do I over come the problems, and should I be worried that someone has entered my PC some how and changed the proxy for some reason.

My wife has a PC on the same LAN and is not experiencing the problems, She had NOT updated her machine as I did yesterday.

We are both running Windows 7 Home Premium. ZoneAlarm and Firewall on the Router the Wireless has the usual protection set on the router.

  northumbria61 11:53 17 Mar 2013

I would suggest you either do a System Restore or remove the updates.

  northumbria61 11:55 17 Mar 2013

There is an explanation here enter link description here

  rdave13 12:35 17 Mar 2013

Try disabling proxy settings. I never use it. Sometimes this can be changed by malware.

  RISC OS user 12:43 17 Mar 2013

Thank you for your help, seems ok now.

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