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  The Pretender 22:28 06 Apr 2003

I have three computers networked, the host on XP Pro is connected to Pipex Broadband, the two clients are on Win98SE. I have been unable to set up ICS successfully so have been using AnalogX proxy server. It doesn't seem very reliable however and seems to keep dropping the connection to the great annoyance of my children.
Can anyone recommend another free proxy server which is easy to configure but which will be more reliable?

  LastChip 22:43 06 Apr 2003

I doubt your problem is with AnalogX.

I have been using it for in excess of two years with no problems at all.

If you haven't been able to set-up ICS successfully, I would suspect XP Pro as being the culprit. It appears it can be "difficult" in this area.

When you say it "drops the connection", do you mean it disconnects from Pipex and you have to re-connect to the Pipex server? If so, it's more likely to be connected to the network interface or your modem.

  The Pretender 23:39 06 Apr 2003

The connection with Pipex remains, but the internet connection between the host and the clients is dropped. I sometimes get a message saying that Analog X has developed a problem and has had to close down and do I want to sent a message to MS with details of the problem. I would prefer not to use a proxy server but am unable to sort out ICS.

  LastChip 23:50 06 Apr 2003

First. If you want to use ICS, you must not have any other "proxy" installed, so you would need to un-install AnalogX.

Personally, I would download AnalogX again, just in case you have a corrupted version, as it is rare for this cracking little program to let anyone down.

However, if you wish to pursue the ICS option, see if this site can help you overcome your problems. It is well written in plain English!click here

  A15 23:51 06 Apr 2003

I have used a program in the past called EZproxy, I found it very good & had no problems with it. I have not used it on Windows XP but did used to use it on Windows 2000 without any problems. It's an evaluation version, but provided you want no more than 5 users it's free to use continually. I cannot find the link to download this software, but according to the licence it's OK to distribute via email, so if you want I can send it to you. The program is 1.47mb in size. Let me know by email if you would like me to send it to you.

  The Pretender 00:28 07 Apr 2003

LastChip have followedyour advice and redownloaded AnalogX,will keep an eye on it tomorrow to see if it is more stable, thanks for the ICSlink.
A15 thanks for the offer of EZproxy, I found it on tucows but it only seems to be free for an evaluation period

  A15 11:48 07 Apr 2003

EZproxy is for an evaluation period, but only if you want more than 5 users/clients otherwise it is free to use indefinately.

  The Pretender 12:58 11 Apr 2003

Since my last posting, I have been grappling with this problem. I deleted AnalogX and redownloaded it in case the original version had been corrupted. It was fine for 24 hours then stopped working with the usual error message. I then spent hours trying to get ICS to work, still without access. In desperation I disabled Zone Alarm on all 3 machines went through the whole ICS procedure again and yes of course it works perfectly. I have reinstated ZA on the 2 client machines and all is still well, but reinstaing it on the host stops ICS. I currently have ZA set up to allow the 2 clients with static IP addresses as "trusted zones", my question now is how do I set up ZA on the host computer to allow IP addresses which are obtained automatically by the 2 clients as "trusted zones"?

  The Pretender 20:38 11 Apr 2003


  The Pretender 23:25 11 Apr 2003

refresh further

  The Pretender 09:19 12 Apr 2003

Sorted it out myself in the end. Have set "trusted zone" on host and clients to IP range from to Everything now seems to work OK (at last!!!)

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