Proxy Server

  johnincrete 14:22 15 Dec 2009

Can someone please tell me what a proxy server is and how I tell if I've got one.

Also, is there an online dictionary which specialises in computing terms?

  gengiscant 14:59 15 Dec 2009
  User-1229748 15:36 15 Dec 2009

yes wikipedia seems to have most things covered.also found these click here click here

  johnincrete 06:09 16 Dec 2009

I know what the English words "proxy" and "server" mean and I see that, as is normal with computer terms, putting the two words together changes the meaning. It was a pet theory of mine, in the very early days of computers, that the "trade" deliberately chose common English words & redefined them so as to confuse those who were not "in the trade" in order to hide the fact that our clients - the people whose jobs required them to use the systems we created for them - could easily do the job better.
Nothing's changed!
Software that can bypass normal constraints needs a confusing term: sneakware would be clearer. Why cache as a verb when save is better? Why cache as a noun when store is better understood? I could go on ...
By using the term "proxy server" I, the user of the system, have no idea what's going on and, indeed, whether my system uses one

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