Proxy server

  iqs 11:53 26 Oct 2008

Can the forum members help with an explanation of what the function of a proxy server is,and how it benefits in hiding your IP address please.

  octal 12:59 26 Oct 2008

You have more or less described what the proxy server does, it hides your IP address, I sometimes use it for going through another server if I find the server I'm using is not working properly. The other use is if you want to access a web site that blocks you from getting in, some of the USA sites do that by blocking UK IP addresses, by finding a US proxy I can usually get in without problem.

  iqs 14:16 26 Oct 2008

Hello octal.
Thanks for clarifying my understanding of a proxy ,can you recommend a piece of free software which works as a proxy?.I have seen a few paid for versions,but I would sooner not pay if poss.
Thanks again,cheers

  Quiller. 14:23 26 Oct 2008

adjust your network and port settings to re-route through an IP anonymous proxy server. here are some IP here

You will then be routed through your ISP to a proxer server and then to your destination. You will be hidden from your isp ( and your ip address ) via the proxy server.

  iqs 19:45 26 Oct 2008

thanks quiller,thats a little beyond me,but thank you for the advice.
I have seen this program,is it any good
click here


  Ex plorer 15:26 12 Nov 2008

Hi I don't know any thing about Proxy servers but try this link below.
If you go to the help room and Type in the search Box top Right, (Proxy server) you will find other interesting links that have been discussed here before.

click here

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