ProView 17" TFT Installation

  Jack D 20:32 30 Oct 2003

PCW have these on sale for 227.99, can they just be plugged in as a replacement for a CRT or is it a bit more complicated?

  Socalled 20:42 30 Oct 2003

in a nutshell !yes.

  Djohn 20:46 30 Oct 2003

No just plug it in as you would a CRT. One tip though is to set your refresh rate to 60Htz before connecting the monitor, or you may get a message on screen saying, "Signal out of range" and of course with no display you cannot find your way to the control panel to alter it! :o(

Once booted you can then set it to the recommended refresh, which will probably be 60 or 75Htz. j.

  Jack D 20:51 30 Oct 2003


  JAN-BOY 22:50 30 Oct 2003

Jack D
Iv'e just bought one and it's brilliant, I'm well pleased.

  Jack D 23:17 30 Oct 2003

Think I'll get one tomorrow, it looked pretty good to me.

  Jack D 00:17 31 Oct 2003

I wasn't ignoring your reply, I simply found it ambiguous, in a nutshell yes it is is plug and play, in a nutshell yes it is more complicated. It is either or.

  MAJ 01:01 31 Oct 2003

Was just looking at that one myself. Looks like a trip to PCW tomorrow. :-)

  Jack D 12:01 31 Oct 2003

Just picked one up, wow! what a difference - no more squinting.

  SGT BARNES 12:19 31 Oct 2003

i've got one of the earlier proview 17" tft's and apart from needing a new vga cable for i've had no problems.

i also remember that when i first turned it on , , the pc didnt find the monitor but the monitor found the pc.

i dont know anything about the new one's but mine has got an auto button it so whatever pc you plug it into with whatever setup the pc has , you just press the auto button and it adjusts itself.

whenever this one dies i will be getting another proview because a lot of the other tft's around the same price dont come close.

  Jack D 16:14 31 Oct 2003

Yep, this one, (manufactured August 2003), has the Auto button. It WAS simply Plug'n'Play, and I'm still impressed with it!

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