proveiw 17inch tft any good?

  mt50 22:58 24 Jan 2003

hi im looking for a mew monitor for around £300 and found this click here
is it any good? thanks

  Djohn 23:44 24 Jan 2003

click here and read the test on 17" TFT's J.

  michelleuk 00:01 25 Jan 2003


I cannot really comment on the monitor per sae but I have had a ProView CRT monitor for a number of years and have had multiple problems. It claimed to have an excellant refresh rate of a minumum of 65hz it never went above 54 on any setting even the low 800x640. I prefered the higher setting of 1024 x 768 and the refresh rate was 49. I bought it at the same time as purchasing my new computer. PC World were offering the larger monitor than the one that came with the computer at no extra cost.I thought great bigger screen for the same price why not.

Everytime I switched on it would tell me it wasn't connected properly, I had 3 different engineers who looked at it and all said there was no problem with the monitor or the computer it would probably go after a few months - it never did.

The flickering was annoying and it finally ended up going red, the green filiment died and it was cheaper to buy a new one than mend it. Even when I had it at the lower setting for watching a film the flickering was bad enough, and instead of it getting better as it got warm, it got worse. I could not exchange it because the monitor worked, so we put up with it until it went red.

I personally would never buy another Pro View monitor, but that is just a personal opinion based on a bad experience. I am sure there will be numerous numbers with the exact opposite opinion because they had no problems. And as I am learning, buying anything these days comes down to personal preference, one may like it and another not.

If you can I'd ask to see the monitor up and running and under a number of display sizes that way you will be able to see if it flickers etc Plus click on the display so you can see what the actual refresh rate is and the size.

I was in PC world recently and looking for a monitor, they had a number of pro view but very little of other makes. They did have a phillips and I was allowed to change the display size and check the refresh rate. I did this twice, so I'm sure they will allow you to do that for the monitor you are looking at.

The one good think about my old Pro View was its controls, they were very easy to use.

I hope this has been of some use, but as I said at the start, it is a personal opinion based on my bad expereince with my own Pro View. I have just bought a Samsung 17inc CRT SynchMaster 753DFX, the refresh rates may not be the best but it is totally flat and I do mean flat, no ifs or buts, and there is no flickering. This I would recomend.

Take Care
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  Djohn 00:04 25 Jan 2003

Michelle, That would have been the fault of the graphics card, not the monitor!

  goonerbill 00:31 25 Jan 2003

have a proview 769 crt monitor. been running ok for over a year. only draw back is that it cant handle all the resolutions of the graphics card

  AJBoon 01:09 25 Jan 2003

go for a proview, nec, hansol or samsung tft, they are all good with the nec 17" tft with thin black surround (PC World £420) being superb. remeber all screens come with 3yr onsite warranty anyway.

  Djohn 01:17 25 Jan 2003

Also don't forget that TFT's only run at one resolution, (For optimal performance) and the refresh rate is lower than a CRT, usually 60hz.

  BrianW 10:21 25 Jan 2003

Djohn, you are correct, but don't forget that TFT refresh rate is different in effect from CRT. TFT screens do not scan pixels but switch them on or off. Therefore TFT do not flicker as do CRT, hence 60hz is still rock solid on TFT.

  rickf 10:37 25 Jan 2003

Got the monitor and the guarantee is only one yr. Straight from the info in the box. Having said that the thing is crystal clear and I think good value for money. A 1280x1054 at 75mhz it is excellent. Have got a proview 19" aslo for over 2 yrs. now. Very good, no probs.

  michelleuk 10:57 25 Jan 2003



I have never been told it was due to my graphics, I was told it was a problem with the monitor, but they didn't know what and it was harmless and not to worry.

But as I said, its down to personal preference <s> and some will like Pro Views, I just think their controls were good, easy to use, etc.

Take Care

  Djohn 12:11 25 Jan 2003

Hi Michelle, yes it is true that your monitor needs to be capable of achieving and displaying refresh/resolution rates, but in the end it is the card that has to produce these and send them to the monitor.

So if you have a good monitor that is capable of high rates of resolution and refresh, but your card is not then you will lose out and the reverse is also true.

It's just that most if not all monitors now are capable of achieving high output, but if your card is an old or cheaper one and you forget to change that as well, then you will be loosing out on the benefits of your new monitor. Best regards. J.

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