Protection from online shopping?

  paxamiga 14:00 11 Apr 2007

Just wondering if there is any software available to stop online payments. I suppose like a parental control - but not just for 'inappropriate content'. It will be a on a PC for patients in a hospital and we need to restrict credit card payments.
anything out there that is specifically for this?

  spuds 14:52 11 Apr 2007

I think that you may find that there is no actual software that can stop credit, debit, store card payments.

You may need to have something like a keylogger installed, which will only provide information after the event. Failing that, parental control, which most likely wouldn't solve the issue, and may even add further problems for administration purposes.

  sean-278262 15:52 11 Apr 2007

You could remove access to secure sites. This would mean people cannot access email that is secure but would mean secure checkouts would be blocked.

  alfred.sanders 13:53 21 Jun 2007

Id highly recommend a software I use. its called Responsible Surfing [click here]! Its not specifically designed for online payments blocking but its a full fledged parental control software and i've been using it for long. its easy to use, and very very strong in terms of parental control so not only can u use it to block shopping and other card payment sited u can even prevent your children from inappropriate usage of the computer and internet!!!

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