Protection error on installing second hard drive

  davolente 15:10 17 Jan 2004

I have an ancient PB Pulsar 16, upgraded from WIN95 to 98, and 128mb of RAM. It may be old, but, with carefull management, acceleration and "cleaning" programs, and keeping on top of things, it`s actually running quite well. As a last ditch attempt to eke out a bit more use before I get a new one and semi-retire it as a second machine, I thought I`d add a second hard drive to supplement the measly 2gb original disc in the form of a 4.2gb Maxtor (same make as the original) removed from another old machine that I believed to be good. I don`t need acres and acres of space, as I store all of my important stuff off the PC and on CDROM. I fitted it, as per, every piece of instruction I`ve ever read on the subject, with the old one as the master and the "new" one as the slave, with the jumpers correct. The BIOS recognises everything on boot-up, and Windows starts to load, but stalls a fair way into the process with a "Windows protection error" notice, telling me to push any key to continue and that I must re-start the PC. No other clues. I`ve tried a step-by-step start-up and it seems to throw up the message when I try and load "arkdosh.vxd", which I think is a Windows System driver (according to the search I did). It`s a hidden item in the SYSTEM folder. It also turns up in SYS INI as "device=arkdosh.vxd" HOWEVER, even if I say "no" to loading that on step-by-step booting, there`s a hesitation and I still get the error. (am I barking up the correct tree here? The other odd thing is that with the second drive attached, I can`t even boot into safe made. If I select that from the options; after the memory check, all I get is a blank screen with the cursor flashing top left. (I don`t like using safe mode, anyway, as when I go back to normal, a lot of my desk-top icons have been moved all over the place! That, presumably, is another story!) I have also deleted and re-formatted the "new" drive from a boot floppy. Needless to say, with just the original drive on, everything is back to normal, (apart from the usual odd Windows` glitches, of course!) Can anybody help?

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