protecting my work

  sean-278262 23:18 23 Sep 2004

i have produced a website and its made up of some of my written work and am wondering if it is wise to load it up as i want to be credited for the writing if someone wishes 2 use not interested in money but do feel that it should be credited if someone uses there a way i can make sure people do this such as copyrighting the site?i dont want to fork out any money on it as i like the idea of sharing things with the world but dont want to find my writing turning up without my permission and being credited.

  Forum Editor 23:39 23 Sep 2004

is automatically protected by copyright from the moment of its creation - you don't have to register anything, or go through any formalities.

Original work can be text in the form of a letter (not may people realise that the writer of a letter owns the copyright on it, not the recipient), an article, a poem, a book, a play, a fil script, sculpture, paintings and drawings (including technical drawings and plans), lyrics, music (written and played), films, photographs, etc., etc.

It makes sense to put a copyright claim on the bottom of each page of your site - see our copyright claim at the bottom of this page - but it's not strictly necessary.

Understand that simply owning the copyright isn't going to prevent people from copying your text, the Internet's a big place, and if someone uses your work you aren't necessarily going to know about it. If you do find out that someone has taken your work without your consent, and reproduced or distributed it elsewhere you may sue for breach of copyright. In practice this is not that easy, especially if the person is living on the other side of the world.

If you really want to protect your written work then don't publish it on the internet.

  sean-278262 23:47 23 Sep 2004

thank you very much for that information.its of no real value to me my work but i do feel that if someone else produced it that they should be credited for it, i want to let people take my work but to know where it went and why, more for curiosity than anything else. i just dont want to wake up in the morning and find my work has been published under someone elses name and that they have made money out of it for a copy paste job.

  mbp 09:46 24 Sep 2004

Creature of the Night: If your work is unique, and people make references to it, you should be flattered. However, if some one steals your ideas and makes money out of it, that is another matter. You should be able to sue if you can prove that it is your original and unique work. Which is almost impossible to do. So make your work private, accessible only to people you trust.

Did you realize that if I copied your work verbatim, and used it to publish, I would be committing plagarism. But if I read thousands of books, and pick on many ideas, referring to them in a bibliography that is referred to research.Where do you draw the line?

Please, if you value your work, to use a good word processor before publishing. Make sure your spelling, diction, and grammer is up to scratch. This will make the work worthy of you! Do not ignore the green and red underlinings.

  sean-278262 20:31 24 Sep 2004

Well i dont feel that they will copy a 200 page story as i think it will be a bit obious but i did not write things for money, just to share with the world. I was motivated after a major event in my life, and since decided that i could publish how i felt concerning these events through written expression. I am expectant to see sections my work appearing somewhere one day when i browse the web. I have no worry if someone quotes from it but do not want to find that someone has reproduced almost or all of my work without being credited.anyway thank you for all your help it was very useful and informative.

  mbp 09:46 25 Sep 2004

Creature of the night: Following on your thread, I will start another thread with the same title as above as I feel I do not want to steal yours, but would like for you to see what I have to say on this thread and forum.

  spuds 22:57 25 Sep 2004

Information and links on copyrights/copywriting click here

  kev.Ifty 23:54 25 Sep 2004

When you have finished your work and are ready to publish. Add a "click here" to this thread....

If any of us come across your material elsewhere you will be the first to know.

I am intrigued and would like to find out/read what it is you refer to...

Good luck Kev.

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