Protecting My disks from being copied (again)

  mattyc_92 18:40 06 May 2005

Created new thread for this, as the link that was given to me is for "bypassing" the protection, and I want to "create" protection for my disks.... Previous thread started as:

"Hi, I have done a google search on this, but it was only showing me how to copy protected cds, but I want to protect mine from being copied...
I have saw many programs that can do this, but I can't remember what site they were from...

Do any of you know where these programs are??

As normal, thanks in advance..."

The previous thread is click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:45 06 May 2005

click here but I fear that you are wasting your time as most copy protection is very easy to bypass. For audio a feed from the sound card and video a feed from the cable. There are many programmes that bypass copy protection.


  Chegs ® 18:47 06 May 2005

CD Protect Utilities = click here

CD-Protector v3.00 -FiNAL- (01-02-2000) [2.0 MB]

CD-Protector is a CD-R utility that helps you to create your own copy-protected CD by encrypting files in the DATA track and by using dummy AUDIO tracks.

All from the link you were offered in your previous thread.

  mattyc_92 18:47 06 May 2005

thanks GANDALF <|:-)>

Will have a look at the link when I have time to read it all :-)

  mattyc_92 18:51 06 May 2005

Thanks... I didn't notice that one... lol

  mattyc_92 19:05 06 May 2005

Sorry, I think I have mis-led you guys.... I want to protect DATA, not Audio..... But nice links...

  Chegs ® 01:22 07 May 2005

FreeLock v1.3 [46 KB]

Freelock alters the layout of a CD image prior to recording, making the resulting copy virtually impossible to duplicate. This prevents most people making copies of your copies.
Freelock runs from a deliberately damaged floppy disk. This damage is all part of the protection process. The disk can be produced by extracting all files from the archive into a directory on your hard drive, then running INSTALL.BAT.

The list of apps linked to above DO DATA as WELL as audio.This one runs from a floppy(damaged)but alters the layout of the data on the CDR,probably requiring the Freelock floppy to get it put back in the correct order to allow it to be copied again(I dont know the details,as I have no need to protect my CDR's)If you would take the time to read the information supplied,you would have seen these applications are all defeatable by some means(even if you were a CD/DVD mfg with huge cash to throw at a software writer,as professional discs protection is also defeatable)so there is little point in using them.The only certain way to stop anyone copying these discs is to make damn sure your standing over the users of these discs watching their every move.

  mattyc_92 10:12 07 May 2005

Thanks, but all this is starting to confuse me...

Will tick this as the tools have been pointed out to me (just they are taking me a while to understand how to use them... lol)

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