pro,s & cons of a windows partition

  bic biro 01:53 23 Mar 2008

im thinking of starting wiping hdd and doing a fresh install of xp,what are the pro,s and cons of having a seperate partition of xp,and how much space do u allow for xp if i decided to do it

  LABMAN 02:28 23 Mar 2008

Hi bic biro,

A lot of people recently have been saying on here that there is no benefit in partioning a hard drive.

However if you only have the one hard drive it means that if you store all your documents rtc on the non system partion that in the event of having to reinstall windows or reformat you don't lose all your stuff, remeber though it's not an alternative to backing up your stuff.

As for size my "c" drive has Windows XP home and all my software installed on it and it's showing 6.5GB used so I'd say a system partion of about 10GB should be plenty, you could make it more depending on the size of your drive but make it to big and then it's just wasted space.

  Batch 09:19 23 Mar 2008

Whether to partition or not can provoke strong feelings.

I do partition. But see no point in making OS and programs separate as (under Windows) the programs are tightly integrated via the registry and Windows folders.

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  Diemmess 09:38 23 Mar 2008

Only one man's method!

I still partition

C: (20Gb) OS and all apps.
D: The remainder for data of every kind.

Advantage to me (using Acronis)
A relatively small drive to clone (usually around 6+ Gb.) and restore if needed.

I use an external HD as well for safe resting place of extra backup and extra security for vital data.
I don't partition the external disk, just use folders and sub folders.

  David4637 11:30 23 Mar 2008

I totally agree with Diemmess, my XP OS (partitoned)is about 6 GB, and with Acronis this compresses to get the OS on ONE DVD. In the event of an OS crash I can load the OS back in 10 MINUTES, try beating that with a reinstall when you have also LOST all your Program settings. ACRONIS FOR EVER. David

  bic biro 11:44 23 Mar 2008

ok cheers guys,got enough info from yous to start me off now,will now have a read before i decide.thanks

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