'properties' information in windows explorer XP

  gerry54 12:43 29 Jan 2003

I have noticed that when in internet explorer and right click on a folder, and then choose 'prperties'- I now get no information displayed-perhaps a corrupt/missing file? Running newly reinstalled version of XP Pro. Anybody have any ideas?

  Lozzy 12:51 29 Jan 2003

Carry out the rpair function..

  gerry54 13:06 29 Jan 2003

Thanks Lozzie-sorry but new to xp and do not know how to do this, is it simple?

  jazzypop 14:20 29 Jan 2003

Before you do a repair...

Do you have any 'security' programs installed (Norton, McAfee, etc).

Do you have Administrator rights, or User rights on your account?

Does this happen on all folders, or just specific ones, particularly Shared folders on a network?

If it is all folders, try the advice at click here

  gerry54 15:34 29 Jan 2003

jazzypop- the 'properties' link works fine on the desktop and one folder in explorer- not the rest (some 60 or so) There is no administrator probs, only one user and ised as home PC.

  jazzypop 15:43 29 Jan 2003

Ok - just to clarify a little further...

When you right-click a 'damaged' folder, does the Properties option appear?

If it does, do you see the standard 3 tabs - General, Sharing, and Customize?

If you do, are the boxes beneath each tab completely blank, or is there any information at all?

Finally, have you added / removed any software recently, especially tweaking utilities such as TweakUI, or have you been investigating Security or Group Policies?

  gerry54 16:24 29 Jan 2003

ok send the boys around and take my computer away from me-I have just noticed that I typed 'internet explorer' when I should have put 'windows explorer'-quite a difference! Sorry!!
The rest is ok tho'- seems that the 'properties' link is not working although it worked on temporary internet files and history but not the rest, odd that.

  jazzypop 19:35 29 Jan 2003

Relax - I always assumed that you meant Windows Explorer :)

I am still a little unclear as to exactly what the problem is - can you be a bit more specific with the questions in my previous post?

P.S. The boys won't be coming round - they don't like the cold :)

  gerry54 15:25 30 Jan 2003

OK here goes. On opening explorer a list of all directories is shown in the left panel. Normally, if you highlight one and right click (or go to 'file'-'properties'), a box with info pops up showing amongst other things,the size of the directory. Although all functions are clearly shown, the 'properties' does nothing except on 'temporary internet files & history' where it gives the info. I had reinstalled xp some 3 months ago but had left the original version defunct on the drive. I deleted that old version and it may be that this has caused the problem.Also recently reinstalled norton internet security and antivirus.

  jazzypop 15:43 30 Jan 2003

Thanks, that's a bit clearer.

The first thing that I would try is to uninstall the Norton internet security (not the Anti-virus).

I do not run any Norton security programs, just the AV, but have seen several reports of the 'out-of-the-box' settings being a bit fierce, and locking down all sorts of useful information.

If that gets you back to normal, you will have to do some more digging regarding the settings for Norton, either in the manual or on their website, or wait for someone else who has used this program to help further.

If removing Norton does not fix it, post back, and we can try to sort it out using the Policy Editor.

  gerry54 17:55 30 Jan 2003

norton not causing the problem

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