Proper 'back' button operation for frames?

  jazzypop 21:15 10 Jun 2003

I seem to recall this question having been asked in the past, but I can not find an answer, so...

My wife asked me to create a simple web site for her, to allow her friends to keep up to date with her latest creations - see click here

There are still a number of outstanding tasks (especially Alt tags for images), but I would like to know if there is a fairly simple fix for the 'proper' operation of the back button.

As you will see, a click on a link on the top frame will change both the left-hand and main frame. So far, so good. Clicking on a thumbnail in the left-hand frame will change the content of the main frame.

However, clicking on the back button (after clicking a few thumbnails on the left-hand frame) will soon allow the left-hand and main frame to become out of synch. The only way to get back in synch is to click one of the links in the top frame - hardly intuitive.

So, is it possible for me to add an instruction so that the Back button on the browser toolbar will allow the left and main frame to stay in synch?

If you are interested in helping (or just curious), be warned that this is a very graphics-intense site, and may take a while to view on a dialup connection.

Thanks in advance.

  slowhand_1000 21:22 10 Jun 2003


Not an expert on frames but this link seems to fit the bill

click here



  slowhand_1000 21:53 10 Jun 2003

that things can get a bit messy with multiple frame changes when wanting to 'go back'

This link seems to be the general concensus on things

click here

But this link seems to be a work around

click here

  jazzypop 22:32 11 Jun 2003

Thanks for the responses - unfortunately, shortly after posting, it has gone crazy at work, and I am unlikely to be able to spare the time to investigate until the weekend.

I shall report back (hopefully), early next week. Meanwhile, I am open to any other methods / suggestions, especially from anyone who has succesfully solved this on their own site(s).

  watchful 19:42 21 Jun 2003

This is not an answer to your problem but just a comment that, after browsing your wife's site, which I found enthralling, I found that the graphics were not particularly slow to load even though I am on a 56k dial-up.

Keep up the good work, both of you.

get rid of the clean the room one.. scares me

nice site...

it is a well done site, doesnt seem to take ages to download...

  tbh72 01:12 22 Jun 2003

I have looked at your site and can see what you need to do to make the button work properly.... I'm not the greatest person at explaining things so they make sense but I'll try my best.....

So your happy with frames and want to keep them. You have to start to think differently when making your website based on frames. Instead of making 1 website you have to look at making 8 website's...... Now your probably getting confused, me too a little; But I know where I am going with this, let's firstly look at your homepage, this will be website 1 and it will simply be a framed website with a horizontal split, EG top navigation being 25%, bottom content being 75%. Now you have to make 7 new websites, but this time they will be vertically split, lefthand thumbnails being 25% with right hand content being 75%.... In essense it will work like this. A visitor click's on one of your link's which load's the mini site into the bottom frame of the homepage website, thus creating the appearance of three frames..... When clicking on the homepage link, gallery link or the back button, the navigation will be consistent and as expected!!!!

Let me know how you get on!!!!

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