Proof of the value of the Help forum

  Diemmess 18:09 07 Jan 2005

If ever you have suffered from spyware and had Forum members come to the rescue, then like me you are profoundly grateful to all for advice, but Mark2 and Nellie2 are outstanding at this service.

There is a thread running at present
click here
which to me is more gripping than your average TV "soap"

Poor tornado is in it chin deep, but the thread has run 2 pages already and contributions from people like me would only add to the confusion.

I hope tornado will follow Mark and Nellie's advice to the letter. - Watch that thread for tonight's episode!

  carolineann 18:19 07 Jan 2005

Just read it, see what you mean riveting stuff.

Where would we be without them.

Probably snowed under with all sorts of rubbish.

  VoG II 19:06 07 Jan 2005

Yes, I just sit back in awe and watch.

All I can do is provide instructions on how to post a log and then watch others weave their magic. Better than a fillum.

  Taw® 19:30 07 Jan 2005

Good job they don't charge!!!
Have added it to my postings for future reference

  JIM 19:48 07 Jan 2005

It's a battle to see who finishes a thread first.
Our dear friend tornado3 and "spoke to soon", or lovley DIYgirl and "Broadband problems persist"!!

Would not like to put money on it at this time so i will take a leaf out of VoG™ book and just sit back in awe and watch.

Smashing place to be on a Friday night and a pint in the hand.(wishful thinking ) Still there a good video to watch tonight!!!!! click here


Keep going Nellie2 and Mark2 and of course a big hand for DIYgirl's BT engineers.

  justme 19:53 07 Jan 2005

Surely the real proof of the value of the help forum is the number of people who join the forum asking for help and then go on to learn enough to help others.

There must be many like myself who have been able to fix their own problems because of the knowledge gained from reading the threads in this forum.

Yes, there are some really helpful people like Nellie2 and Mark2 to mention but two and I am not denying that their contributions are extremely helpful (one might even say invaluable), but it the number of people who are now able to sort out their own problems which is the real measure of the value of this forum.

  Buchan 35 19:56 07 Jan 2005

I`ve just read tornado`s thread, and am amazed at the support from so called "non experts" whilst awaiting Nellie2/Mark2. I did notice a post from Mark2. DIEMMESS, I agree with you.

  €dstowe 20:28 07 Jan 2005

nellie2 and mark2 are admins on click here

  Diemmess 14:40 08 Jan 2005

They are almost there! In today's episode the cavalry are now well deployed.

tornado3 seems to have gained confidence, though he has said if he doesn't post later today it will be because he has "crashed and burned"

Success when it comes will be a well deserved triumph for all three of them.

  JIM 15:04 08 Jan 2005

The pawns and knights in shinning armour standing in line waiting for the result of the battle of "spoke to soon"

The bishops kneeling and trying to convice other users to hold fire from using the system till our Nellie2 and Mark2 have got to grips with the evil wrath of the nasty invaders.Our friend tornado3 unable until then to be able to carry on for Queen and country.

"Well i do dream and have silly turns now and again"

Oh for the good old days,but the chivalry still exist to day.;)

  Diemmess 21:10 08 Jan 2005

Well played

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