Proof reading

  Graham. 23:05 11 Mar 2009

I'm thinking of starting a (free) proof reading service, primarly aimed at website owners. See if you can spot a typo on click here

Not to be used on PCA, I hasten to add.

What do you think?

  Graham. 23:07 11 Mar 2009

There's a 'grammer', too.

  Simsy 23:22 11 Mar 2009

would be "purrfect"...

As for grammer, in the 2nd para, I'd suggest that, "including Saturday & Sunday." is tautology.

3rd para, "that's fine too"... It doesn't feel quite right. What does the "too" refer to?



  Graham. 23:30 11 Mar 2009

Thanks. As you can tell, it is all too easy to criticise, which is not my intent.

Your're getting warm in the third paragraph.

  User-1229748 00:07 12 Mar 2009

so if you want to just to look around.

  Graham. 00:11 12 Mar 2009

That's one. Thanks for looking.

  Simsy 00:16 12 Mar 2009

that there's an extra "to" too!

"so if you want to just to look around, or ask for help or advice, that's fine too."

The sentence needs restructuring. There are a number of options, but the "too" at the end is wrong in the current structure.



  Graham. 00:24 12 Mar 2009

Bear in mind that this is being read by the public, they may be used to this 'structure'.

I have to be careful not to make enemies here.

  Simsy 00:30 12 Mar 2009

Sorry... I thought it was just a test for us. I didn't realise you were actually looking for an error!

I do appreciate a bit of pragmatism, so your last point is aknowledged!



  User-1229748 00:52 12 Mar 2009

sorry graham i too thought you were testing us because you said simsy was getting warm in the third paragraph.

  Jim Thing 09:01 12 Mar 2009

"Cats [sic] Protection" occurs in three places. Is it a registered trade mark as printed? If not, it needs a plural apostrophe.

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