promoting a website

  drdeath 17:42 05 Jan 2004

sorry fellas i know youve heard it all b4,but any ideas on promoting my website ?? thank you all the doctor of death

  Forum Editor 18:44 05 Jan 2004

we have heard it all before, and I wish there was an easy answer.

In essence promoting a web site is no different from promoting any product or service - it's a matter of :-

1. Making sure that the product or service is right, is priced at exactly the right point and is packaged in exactly the right way to show it off to advantage.

2. Identifying your market - who do think would most want to buy what you're selling?

3. Telling those people about your product/service, and making it sound desirable.

Easy, isn't it?

On the web, you'll need to think about:-

1. Search engines - they'll find your site by themselves, so make sure it looks good, is working properly - all links functioning and images loading - and doesn't contain any 'adult' or racist references, or obscenities.

2. Linking to sites that might provide you with visitors - there's not much point in linking to a guitarists' site if you're selling bird seed.

3. Tell everyone you know, and ask them to do the same.

4. Get a prominent car sticker made (" for all your avian nutrition needs) and drive around town.

5. See if you can talk your local newspaper into publishing a site profile - "Local internet magnate makes it big in bird grub"

I'm sure you get the picture - promote the site in any way you can think of.

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