Promises and delivery - or - not

  Diemmess 20:33 24 Nov 2008

I use the internet for reference and for communication with several circles by email,
I probably do not exceed 1Gb of downloads in any moth

Long term ISP supposed to deliver 2000+ kbps which it does, but during this year the speed has crashed most evenings and weekends, once to as little as 15kbps though more often (as at present) 265kbps.

Over this period I have fitted at my expense a router and updated the software to ensure best connection. (For one glorious day the download speed was just over 4000kbps until a throttle was applied!)

Prior to this year I had negotiated a lower monthly rate because of long record of “loyalty.”

Deaf ears now when I plead that had I more recently become a “new member” I would have had twice the normal download speed and soon qualified for my present low subscription.
Am hesitant to threaten to change ISP because they might call my bluff!

So suppose I was signed up for 4000kbps, would heavy traffic at peak times still leave me with a miserable result, or would the download speed at worst be twice what I have now at peak times?

Alternatively, is there an ISP which is almost certain to stay close to the contract speed whatever time of day, and what would that ISP charge for subscribing?

  Diemmess 14:33 26 Nov 2008

Long out of mandatory contract term, my BB connection downloads at near maximum until mid afternoon when on weekends and bad days it falls at times to 10% and occasionaly to unusable dial-up speed.

If I buy a 2 times or better download promise, will I fall to 10% of the better speed, or will I still drop to the same miserable low download?

By paying more to a less cut-throat outfit, can I expect less of this drop in download at "popular" times?

  Diemmess 14:34 26 Nov 2008


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 26 Nov 2008

The answer is complicated

Which ever ISP you have a lot still depends on other factors:
How far from the exchange you are.
How many other people share your exchange.
Quality of the cable from exchange to your house.

I'm on an upto 8 but never get more than 2 and changing ISP is unlikely to make things better.

  tullie 15:39 26 Nov 2008

Which ISP?They might call your bluff?You arent bluffing are you?

  The Kestrel 16:30 26 Nov 2008

Call their bluff!!! I was with Pipex and was receiving a steady 2000kbps download speed when it was suddenly throttled down to 1000kbps. When I complained they gave a multitude of reasons, such as distance from the exchange, line condition etc. They could/would not explain why I had received 2000kbps for so long and now suddenly only 1000kbps.

This was the final straw. I moved ISP to Newnet in September, who from the start said I should receive around 2500 kbps on my line as the distance to the exchange was long. Since the connection settled down within 2 days, I have received a steady 2200 kbps download and 430kbps upload.

My suggestion is go for a new ISP.

  cocteau48 16:43 26 Nov 2008

The symptoms which you outline (drop offs at mid afternoon/evenings and weekends)sounds very much like overload at the exchange.

How approachable is your ISP to looking at your line stats to try and resolve matters?

I can get occasional drop outs to below 1Mb (4.5 Mb normally)at very busy times but find that either a reboot of the router or if I am really desperate a reduction to my MTU settings will boost the sync speed.

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