Projectors and epillepsy

  fred 21:03 02 Feb 2005

I regularly use a laptop and a projector for presentations etc. Could someone please inform me if projectors suffer from the same filcker problems as CRT or is flicker not a problem as with TFT?

Thanks in advance


  wiz-king 21:40 02 Feb 2005

The lamp in a projector is allways on in the types of projector that are nomally used for presentations so there is no flicker from the lamp, but there could be flcker from the refresh rate of the lq display that is in the light path. Any flicker is lightly to be at a fairly high frequancy and due to the slow responce of the lq it would be self damping ie a ramp rather than a square wave and therefore not noticable. However if the progector use is a 3 x CRT tube type - as used in large venues (pub tv's) then it would have the same flicker rate and potential problems as a CRT monitor.

  fred 14:26 03 Feb 2005


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