progs running in win98 ?

  Ikelos 09:12 12 Mar 2006

hi, had my daughter on the phone saying how slow her PC is running she has run adaware and spybot, could it be progs running in the background, if so how can you check what is running...............thanks

  Diemmess 09:29 12 Mar 2006

Start > Run msconfig, and select the startup tab. That is the straight answer. From memory only 4 things need be running at startup but I can't remember which four!

General slowness can be caused by clutter.
CCleaner download click here and click on download at the top grey title bar.
This will clear hordes of old, disconnected and temporary files.

  Strawballs 09:32 12 Mar 2006

In win 98se the only thing that has to be running is systray but it is wise to leave antivirus etc running

  Ikelos 09:34 12 Mar 2006

thank you all, i will ring her and pass it on....

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