Programs Start Automatically

  Shank 22:16 19 Sep 2005

After booting into XP, after a while Oulook Express starts without any input from myself. I have removed the program via the Control Panel, and the same thing happens. Sometimes it isn't outlook that starts on its own. For example, media player, calculator or even the start menu have been displayed! I have tried reverting to several restore points to no avail. I have also virus checked the laptop with a zero virus result.

Any ideas?

  keith-236785 23:35 19 Sep 2005

sounds like some sort of trojan/virus attack, goto click here and run an online scan of housecall.

other thing that springs to mind is the keyboard, some keyboards have extra function keys (shortcut keys to launch things like calculator/internet/OE or mail/screen saver/sound controls, and the normal music commands (skip/skip back/play/stop etc).

mine is a Genius wireless keyboard which does strange things when the batteries are running down (not what you describe but who knows)

if you have a multimedia keyboard with extra function keys the it might just be as simple as it being faulty OR maybe you need to install the drivers that came with the keyboard.

couple of things to start you off m8, good luck

  keith-236785 23:37 19 Sep 2005

rereading your posting, it looks like it is a keyboard fault, try another keyboard (borrow one from someone if you dont have a spare)

  keith-236785 23:39 19 Sep 2005

teach me to read it properly, i take it this is a laptop, in that case scrap what i have said. if the laptop is under warranty take it back and ask them to check the keyboard for you.

  Shank 11:57 07 Oct 2005

Found out that this was happening due to having a corless optical mouse plugged in as well. i think this must be fault as I took it out and the problems didnt happen anymore! Thanks

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