Programs not opening/running

  GaT7 19:08 31 Mar 2004

I've had this peculiar problem for the last couple of days:

2 programs - SpywareBlaster (SB) 3.0 (yes, the new version) & GetRight (GR) 5.1 - refuse to open or run.

If I click on their icons or their .exe files in Program Files the outcome is the same. The PC seems to be opening them (hourglass mouse) but a few seconds later (or even minutes) they do NOT open or run.

Sometimes they seem to be running in the background (they appear in the Ctrl+Alt+Del Close Program window) but their windows or interfaces do not display.

If I reinstall an older version of SB it works but when I try to update it, I'm prompted to download the new version. The old version will not allow me to download the latest definitions.

If I uninstall/reinstall GR I have the same problem.

GR problems started 2 days ago, SB a day ago. SB problems ever since I downloaded & installed the new version. Have not changed anything else in the last few days. Reinstalled Visual Basic as one SB fix suggested.

My PC: Win98se. Scanned for viruses, ad/spyware, scandisk, etc., etc. No problems.

Has anyone else had this problem & what to do to rectify it please? Any suggestions/links most welcome. Ta, G

  goonerbill 10:30 01 Apr 2004


  GaT7 15:59 01 Apr 2004

Thanks goonerbill.

Are you having similar problems too?

  goonerbill 22:01 01 Apr 2004

no, bumped you up from page 4. you was in danger of slipping away

  GaT7 22:18 01 Apr 2004

Thanks again goonerbill - very kind : )

Apparently the SB makers have been getting similar reports/problems with SB on certain Win98 & Me machines & are working on a fix - click here;action=display;threadid=26356

I've found that both SB & GR work fine in Safe mode (apart from the obvious inconveniences in Safe mode).

Does anyone know why these programs open/run in Safe mode but refuse to operate properly in normal Windows conditions? If anyone can answer this we may be able to fix both these problems.

  GaT7 00:14 11 Apr 2004

Downloaded SB 3.1 & this seems to work OK.

Still cannot get GR to work though. Hope they come out with a newer version that does! (Need a free d'loader with an automatic dialup/d'load scheduling feature - tried the excellent Internet Download manager but the free trial has expired.)

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:34 11 Apr 2004

Have you tried unticking certain things in sblaster IE blocks list some of those may be the cause like browser plugins and active x blocks,just a thought but theres a lot of blocks to try out and it could take a while but it sounds like a conflict between what spywareblaster blocks and what GR does.Having said that i usr DAP7 with it and i have had no problems although im running xp home.


  GaT7 23:54 11 Apr 2004

Thanks for that, Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË. Was worth a try. Disabled & uninstalled SB. Same result: GR's GUI just will NOT display. GR & SB lived happily together for several weeks before problem ocurred. Have tried all the fixes on the GR website for similar problems to no avail.

By the way, beware of DAP7 - it is not only adware (which isn't so bad) but spyware infested too - click here. Could it be the cause of your non-working DVD drive as ted bear experienced in this thread? click here. I used it some time ago but became suspicious when my firewall would warn whenever I closed it. One can understand the program wanting to access the Net when opened or trying to download files but why was it doing so each time I tried to close it? Seems very dodgy to me.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 01:48 12 Apr 2004

Thx You make a good point and the link makes good reading,but i have never had and probs like that with it ok i get a few adds that can be turned off and blocked using Spybot and a few reg Dwords but never any spyware ive checked,cleaned and found none and it never tries to accsess the net unless i wont it to,the cookies can be a pain but i use cookie wall and once i block them i never get them back as for the dvd player i got a new one and it works fine now old one in another rig and still wont play dvd's lol.Have you tried an older version of get right may be a flaw in the new one.


  hugh-265156 02:05 12 Apr 2004

this is totally free.also adware and spyware free and works very well.

auto scans for viruses etc too free version click here

  GaT7 17:10 12 Apr 2004

 ÑÌÇKÑÂMË - Yes, have just tried an earlier version (5.02) & it appears to be doing the business : ) . Many thanks for your help! Seems strange as I'd been using GetRight 5.1 with no problems for many weeks & all of a sudden it stopped working for no explicable reason.

huggyg71 - thanks for that. Had tried the Pro version of Stardownloader & found it very good. The problem is that the free version doesn't have an automatic dialup-download feature.

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