programs that 'melt away'

  jack 20:03 28 Apr 2005

I am aware that XP will from time to time take a look around and decide that a given program or two has not been used much and should be removed.

But what what about programs that are used frequently, absenting themslves or becoming crippled and needing repair?
Two that I use virtually daily seem to do this.
Paint Shop Pro after a period loses it tools and and has to be recussated [ View/Customize]
And a slide show program simply disappears and has to be reinstalled from time to time.
A petty annoyance, but puzzling none the less

  octal 20:07 28 Apr 2005

I hope you don't mind me making a comment, but I would feel very uneasy if any operating system I used decided to remove programs, it would get kicked straight into touch, does it really do that?

  jack 14:09 29 Apr 2005

Semminlgy so for XP for me. I [Perhaps most of us]
install a little programs here and there to help out
usually a utility of some sort - and yes I have had the message saying words to the effect - 'This has not been used for xyz days do you want to keep it?
This itself may be one of those utilities of course as opposed to the OS itself. Such as TweakXP or similar. for example a folder called 'Unused Desktop Shortcuts' which is related to the on my desktop

  VoG II 14:12 29 Apr 2005

The desktop cleanup wizard runs every 60 days by default but should ask you what you want to keep. It only puts the shortcuts in that "Unused desktop icons" folder and you can restore them from there.

I've never known XP to actually remove a program without being told to.

  jack 14:19 29 Apr 2005

Correct, We are asked before it acts, this is so.
What about the 'Melting' business though, got any suggestions re this.
As stated it is not a critical situation - just a another annoyance.

  Indigo 1 15:24 29 Apr 2005

A malicious Virus could do that and so could a Hacker who is just messing about.

Update your Anti Virus and do a full scan and check your Firewall logs for unauthorized access.

  jack 16:24 29 Apr 2005

Will do a full maintainence Indido
but all the protection kits appear be OK.
Will tick this off on that assumption

  Indigo 1 21:44 29 Apr 2005

Please let us know how you got on.....

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