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  Eraflooz 04:16 14 Jul 2003

Hi all...I figured one of you would be able to tell me, where can I find a free "Introduction to Computer Programming" type of course online?

I've done a few searches and most of what I've come up with is geared towards people who already have experience in one language or another.

I have absolutely zero experience with programming and want something that will take me from the absolute beginning...maybe a tall order but if anyone can help it's those knowledgable folks at PC Advisor! (yes, that was an ass kiss!!)

Thanks for all the help!

  Megatyte 04:44 14 Jul 2003

Depends on what language you want to learn.

Have a look here.

click here


  Kitz E Kat 08:56 14 Jul 2003

I know exactly where you are coming from!!!
A good place to start would be Python, check out click here (how do you do that click here thing?)Anyway you can download the Python compiler FREE, and there is bucket loads of tutorials on Python, aimed at the likes of me and you!Its an "easy" language to learn, after you get the hang of that have a go at C, C++ ,java,HTML,etc...
Do not expect to be programming 3D games in a week!!! It does take time, however it is fun and worth having a go.
Do it NOW!!!
Oh yeah, Python can be run on Win 95 - XP
Mac and Linux.
Good Luck!
Kitz E Kat

  Kitz E Kat 09:00 14 Jul 2003

So that's how you do that link thing, neat i just learned something!!,Megabyte posted a good link,just checked it out.
You will find some Python things there also.
Kitz E Kat

  Kitz E Kat 13:43 14 Jul 2003

Im like Columbo,keep coming back,one more thing!!!
If you do the Python thing, and you should! then check out the very good tutorial by Josh Cogliati title "non-programmers tutorial for Python, you will find at the above link.
It will get you up and running in no time, very good..
See ya
Kitz E Kat
That's it im gone now,,,,

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