Programming for a beginner

  Mark10 20:37 12 Sep 2005

Hi all, I'd like to have a go at programming. I have no experiance at all so would like to ask anyone out there which is the best language to learn on. I don't want to splash out a lot of money incase its something that I dont keep up with. Whats the difference between C and C++ for instance or visual basic or numerous others?? Any Advice greatfully accepted, Thanks.

  johnnyrocker 22:23 12 Sep 2005

try either absolute beginners or web design might be better.


  woodchip 22:36 12 Sep 2005
  VoG II 22:41 12 Sep 2005

What sort of programs do you want to write?

Do you have Microsoft Office (this may seem a weird question but...).

  Skills 22:44 12 Sep 2005

Out of C++ and visual basic i'd say visual basic(VB) would be easier to begin with.

I only glanced through a C++ book thou. I did some VB at college a few years back and it is quite user friendly for the beginner.

It takes the approach from a graphical end, you build up your GUI first and then write the code for it.

It does depend on what sort of programs you want to write thou. VB is limited to more windows based applications I think, you can write games with it but I think there are better programming languages for that.

If you have MS office installed then you actually have limited version of visual basic bundled in with that known as Visual Basic for applications, to access it open up word and then tools | macro | visual basic editor. I also have a visual basic ebook which I could email you but it is 8meg if you want a copy just mail me via the yellow envelope.

If you did want to learn VB then some of the teach yourself books come with a learning copy of VB, you can get a C++ compiler for free I think and there would be plenty of online resources.

  Mark10 18:41 14 Sep 2005

Hello Skills,
Thanks for the offer of the book, I would like to read it very much. I have office XP so that should be ok. I would prefer you to send it to my personal email as this has aBB connection. I tried emailing it to you but am getting an error message. Will try again later. Thanks.

  Yoda Knight 18:45 14 Sep 2005

VB script (VBS) is also on your pc by default and is a good place to get the hang of VB basic before going for the full version.

Loads of websites dedicated to VB (wether you want to try full VB, VBA or VBS). Also it is the closest to plain English that you 'll get, so I would defo recommend it as a starting point.

  Mark10 19:28 17 Sep 2005

I have recieved the ebook, many thanks once again.

  Skills 19:32 17 Sep 2005

No problems glad I could help out

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