Programmes that should be deleted??

  Housten 16:54 27 Mar 2015

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

There are some programmes on my hard drive that I do not know how they got there. I admit with the problem I am having I might have downloaded them and forgotten that I have. However I have looked these up on the net, and whilst it tells me what they do it can not tell me if they are worth keeping on my hard drive and to use them. So what I am asking is : can some kind people tell me whether or not the following programmes are worth keeping and if they are worth being used on my hard drive, please? The programmes are :-

Spark Trust PC Cleaner Plus MSI live update KillDiskSuiteFreeSetup

I also have Adobe Flash Player 17 ActiveX and Adobe Reader XI ( 11.0.10 ). Are both of these necessary or can one be deleted?

And is Belarc Adviser worth having on the hard drive?

Many, many thanks in advance to anyone who can give me any advice on the foregoing programmes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 27 Mar 2015

Spark Trust PC Cleaner Plus crappy cleaner program likely to do more harm than good

MSI live update live updates for your motherboard not worth bothering with if everything running ok as few updates anyway just slows down the PC

KillDiskSuiteFreeSetup only need ed if you want to wipe disk completely.

remove all of above.

Adobe Flash Player 17 ActiveX and Adobe Reader XI ( 11.0.10 ). leave these they do different things. Adobe reader is for reading pdf files. Flash playerfor running Flash content in your webpages

Belarc used to inventory the PC hardware and software doesnt use any resources otherwise usefull to find passwords serials and drivers.

  Housten 12:44 28 Mar 2015

Good Morning, Fruit Bat /\0/\,

Many apologies for not replying and thanking you earlier. I thought that PCA sent emails to let you know if there was a reply to a posted question, but this seems to have gone by the board!!

Anyway I am very grateful to you, again, for not only telling me which to get rid of, and I think - just as importantly - what they do. This was extremely helpful and I am very, very grateful.

  Housten 14:55 28 Mar 2015

Good Afternoon, Fruit Bat /\0/\,

Being an old duffer I forgot to mention something in my previous email. I use Avast! and they have been offering something called "Grimefighter". This actually costs money - something I am not entirely in favour of! - but is it worthwhile? They make all sorts of claims for it, but what makes it look worthwhile is that my wife's laptop - and for that matter my own spare laptop - have been running very slowly lately and this programme looks like it might do something. What helps is that I have been using Avast! for some time and it seems quite a good programme, and, therefore, so does it. But I do not have a clue as to whether or not it is, and would really welcome any comments you have on this programme!!

Many, many thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 28 Mar 2015

Not sure if it will do more than decent "housekeeping" would.

Avast + Malwarebytes ( SAS as a check on the these) + SpywareBlaster as blocker provides good free protection

Use CCleaner which is free to clear the general rubbish

and ADWcleaner again free to clear unwanted programs and toolbars.

A filling HDD will slow things down especially if short on memory

A check on how much is running on start is probably need CCleaner - Tools - Startup will allow you to disable all (but keep AV firewall and Antimalware running.)

  Housten 16:20 28 Mar 2015

Good afternoon,Fruit Bat /\0/\,again!!

Many, many thanks. Your comments are very welcome and extremely helpful.

It is so good to have someone around that can offer completely unbiased advice and help.

Many, many thanks.

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