Programmes really sluggish to load using XP

  grangefair 14:46 16 Feb 2004

My PC is about 2 years old (Mesh) with a reasonable specification including 512 Mb memory and running on XP. A few days ago I noticed that IE, Outlook and most of the other programmes on my Desktop had become really sluggish to load. I have done a defrag, a virus check and then restored the system to 2 previous dates but all to no avail. Once loaded all seems normal but it's well annoying having to wait for the loading! Where do I start looking to find the cause of this? Thanks.

  PA28 15:07 16 Feb 2004

Try defragging your hard drive for starters. Clear out your temp files first. If this doesn't work, run MsConfig and disable non-essential services. I note that you have run AntiVirus software (which would have been my first advice) - I take it that you have kept it fully updated??

  PA28 15:08 16 Feb 2004

Sorry - I didn't read your first post thoroughly. Proceed directly to step 2!!

  ©®@$? 15:17 16 Feb 2004

if you havn't got a program called adaware then get it and scan for spyware

probably got some spyware slowing the system down

  Lozzy 15:20 16 Feb 2004

As ©®@$? says but I would also download Cleanup click here

  Flaco 15:53 16 Feb 2004

Do you by any chance use Logitech 'iTouch' software, e.g for Logitech Internet keyboard?

  Indigo 1 16:09 16 Feb 2004

Have you tried Scandisc yet ?

Go to My Computer/then right click C: Drive/ then left click Properties/left click Tools/Error Checking/Check Now.

  Indigo 1 16:11 16 Feb 2004

Here is a page that I was looking at earlier click here

  jim1947 17:42 16 Feb 2004

I have the said software and also suffer from slow loading, although I have learned to live with it, is it a known problem?.

  hoverman 17:52 16 Feb 2004

My Evesham PC is about the same age as yours and I had also noticed a general slowing down of programs to load. There were also a few odd things happening such as icons not appearing on the taskbar when they should. Last Friday an engineer called to replace my faulty Zip drive and suggested a complete re-install of XP was required. This he did for me and, oh boy, did it make a difference. All back as it was when I first took delivery of the PC.

  Flaco 19:32 16 Feb 2004

Not sure if it's a known problem or not (they never admit to these things!) but I've noticed in the past that it has caused me some intermitent problems. Seems you are able to confirm that it is not just me having problems with 'iTouch' but it could just be our setup/config. It can be annoying, I know, but overall I prefer to keep it active as I like the keyboard features.

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