Programme/ process overload...HELP!!

  TonyTT 16:22 02 Nov 2006


My system has an AMD 64 3500+ CPU and 1 gig of RAM and ran everything I wanted quite happily. However over the last couple of weeks Rome Total War started to stutter during play and freeze on me. Today was the last straw when it totally crashed. It can't be due to lack of RAM, can it? Where can I find out in simple terms how much of my RAM is being used so that I can see what is going on? Also I seem to have a gazillion programmes on my PC and use about 8, will deleting unused ones help. One more thing, in task manager there are an awful lot of process running how can I reduce it down to essentials only, or just give my system and damn good clean up.

Any help much appreciated.

  Diemmess 18:00 02 Nov 2006

What system are you using, XP?

Things to do in order and assuming you are covered with up to date AV and Firewall.

Download and run CCleaner.

If you recognise something is installed which you don't use, go control panel > add/remove programs, and use that facility.

Have a look in Start > Run >msconfig and choose the right hand tab.
This will show all the programs which load at startup. Untick the box beside any you know you don't need for this session. (they can always be opened normally if and when you need them).

Run CClean again and see if that improves things.

  Aargh 18:27 02 Nov 2006

Try running this - it will advise you exactly what software you need to load at startup and what you don't. Free download.

click here

  TonyTT 10:17 03 Nov 2006


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