timothy44 10:15 28 Jan 2003

I have installed a programme on my laptop, which gives me the message " You currenntly have this programme primary scratch and windows primary paging file on same volume, which can result in reduced performance. It is recommended that you set the programme primary scratch volume to be on a different volume preferably on a different physical drive" could someone tell me what this means and what is the resulting effect as since i installed it i keep getting a blue error screen and the laptop cuts out. I'm running windows xp. thanks

  timothy44 10:16 28 Jan 2003

sorry forgot could someone also tell me how to rectify it. thanks

  Lú-tzé 10:33 28 Jan 2003

It sounds like photoshop (or photoshop elements) - any prog that uses a lot of memory.

If you have two partitions / hdds, move the scratch file to a different one - from somewhere within the options.

In ps 6, go to edit_prerences_plugins and scratchfiles.

If you have only one partition, there is little you can do.

As for the blue screens, I don't know the cause of them - post some error codes here.

  timothy44 10:40 28 Jan 2003

can't read blue screen just comes on and crashes, it is photoshop and i presume i only have 1 partition.i had photoshop 7 and photoshop elements 2 installed and i took of the latter as it kept developing a fault and crashing so i presumed rightly or wrongly that they were clashing with each other.

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