Programme opens at bootup. I want it to start minimised

  compumac 16:34 27 Feb 2014

I have had a few problems of late and have delayed the start of some programmes in order to eliminate the culprit. I have now established the culprit programme and removed it. However one of the delayed programmes was Allway Sync and upon reverting to have it back in the start menu I find that it now opens maximised despite going to the Allway Sync properties and clicking Run “minimised”. I want it to start at boot up minimised in the System Notification area. My aged mind has gone blank. Anyone?

  rdave13 16:57 27 Feb 2014

Have a look at justy » Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:55 am 's post here. 7th post down.

  compumac 17:31 27 Feb 2014

rdave13 Thanks for that but it did not work. The command line looks familiar but with the -m added on but it still does not function. I initially typed the full command line in and it did not work so I copied and pasted from the link you gave but - No. I think it something like it as I remember yonks ago looking at the Allway sync properties.

  compumac 17:55 27 Feb 2014


Thanks again. I will post on the Allway Sync forum see if anyone can throw light upon it.

  rdave13 19:02 27 Feb 2014

When you right click the shortcut icon and select properties then under the shortcut tab do you get a box for 'run'? If so change it to minimised.

  compumac 20:45 27 Feb 2014


Did that very first thing.

  rdave13 20:54 27 Feb 2014

I thought you would have. Any problems if you would uninstall, then run Ccleaner's reg cleaner and then reinstall? Not familiar with this sync program so might be worth seeing what the AS forum comes up with. Sorry I can't help further but would be interesting to know what the solution is.

  compumac 21:05 27 Feb 2014


Thanks for that. It is a little peculiar.

With the PC problems that I have been having for the past week it was great to have eliminated all of those, this with Allway Sync is minor in comparison. At this time I am just keeping an eye on the system for a couple of days to ensure that I have definitely resolved the major problem and did not as yet want to re-install or change any configuration.

  rdave13 21:18 27 Feb 2014

I don't know of your problems but running the system file checker, chkdsk etc. might be worth doing but I have a feeling you're already on top of that :)

  compumac 22:10 27 Feb 2014


Yep, done that.

  rdave13 22:57 27 Feb 2014

Shut down, wait for ram to clear, then boot up?

Weak suggestion I know.....

Throw the PC in the bin and buy a very expensive Apple to make everything work without the slightest hitch (fairy tale)... :)

Maybe not a good suggestion after all. Ha Ha..

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