programing OE with yahoo mail addresses

  p;3 22:10 28 Feb 2006

cannot see anywhere on server of how to program the OE with a yahoo mail adress; what should be the incoming mail ? a POP3 server, and what should the outgoing mail be? does it matter, as the mail seems to ??go via the btinternet server

oddly, on the yahoo server page I cannot see any guidance for setting this up in OE

  VoG II 22:14 28 Feb 2006
  octal 22:15 28 Feb 2006

If its a the incoming is

If its its web mail only. For outgoing you use your default smtp just changing the identity.

  p;3 22:25 28 Feb 2006

I"ll try that out; however, have a feeling it may fail as mine is not subscription:(

  octal 22:31 28 Feb 2006

You don't have to subscribe to use pop3 on, but you do for

  p;3 22:40 28 Feb 2006

will try it and see how I get on; I think I am non-subscription with the address

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