Program windows not refreshing from taskbar

  danadvisor 19:14 04 Feb 2005

I'm running XP Pro on an HP laptop.
Everything has been fine for a few months (i.e. since I installed the OS). I often have several windows open and find it useful to be able to switch between these by clicking them on the Taskbar. For the past few days I've encountered a slight glitch whilst doing this. Sometimes, when I select a window on the Taskbar, the page does not refresh and I'm left looking at the window I was previously viewing (although the page I select is highlighted on the Task Bar). The problem is intermittent and can be remedied by clicking the 'Show Desktop' button on the Task Bar and then selecting the desired window. It is not therefore a major worry, but it is annoying.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

  watchful 20:59 04 Feb 2005

If you 'right click' on the Task Bar there may be something in the options there for you to check or change.

  danadvisor 03:18 05 Feb 2005

Tried that, there's an option to group windows from the same program together, but that doesn't give enough control for what I want (I appreciate your advice though, good of you to take the time, thanks!).

I've discovered a little freeware app called 'TaskbarOrganizer' that's OK. It's a bit clunky, and doesn't allow drag and drop reorganisation, but it's functional.
I'll never complain about a functional freeware app though, and my gratitude goes to the developer - VitasTheFetus. Anyone who is prepared to develop and freely distribute reliable software that enhances Windows is a hero and deserves to be remembered in old Gatesy's will. After all, by plugging all the gaping holes, they are the ones who actually make his companies' software productive.
Things do seem to gradually be getting better, but even in XP much functionality is either remiss or woefully inadequate, for example; virus and spyware protection, non-invasive media player, image viewer, file search utility, disc (yes, that is how we spell it in Britain) defragmentation util, calculator (why is it not possible to copy and paste results?), secure file eraser, partitioning tool, etc. ad infinitum.....

AAaaah, feel much better after that rant.
If anyone knows of a util that'll let me arrange taskbar windows by dragging and dropping then please let me know.

Cheers again.

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