Program will not install

  Ponkin 13:58 25 Oct 2005

Re-installing programs following a clean format, I am unable to install a program which I had saved on disk.Thinking it was corrupted I downloaded a new copy only for it to also fail. I follow all the onscreen instructions but on the final click, up pops a dialogue box: General file transfer error, check target location. error No.-2
How do I overcome this problem please? Using Win ME

  splork 14:02 25 Oct 2005

Have you checked to see if the program actually created the folders it's referring to by itself? C:\Win\tempno ? What is the program you are trying to install?

  Ponkin 14:06 25 Oct 2005

Yes I have checked and the folder is there, but with a different no. I tried to type in the no. shown in the dialogue box but on trying again a different no. is shown. Also it is listed as installed in ad/remove programs.

  boysie 14:09 25 Oct 2005

The program maybe looking for a windows/temp folder to install from! and from your message I noticed your temp folder has a different name! Programs usually default to windows/temp to install from! any other folder and sometimes you get the General file transfer error..

  splork 14:11 25 Oct 2005

type this at your command prompt SET TEMP=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP

try installing again

  Ponkin 14:19 25 Oct 2005

I was abbreviating slightly and may have misled you. The actual ref is:- C:\Program Files\WinGlucofacts 1.3 (in the target box) the file error box tho' says Win\TEMP\WZSD3A1.TMP\WINGL1_3\_setup.1

  splork 14:26 25 Oct 2005

Did the temp thing not work? Go to command prompt again and type SET which ought to bring up a list of `system variables` one or more of which will refer to temporary files. TEMP or TMP, if TMP is missing then type SET TMP=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP, and try the install once more. As boysie pointed out, the install program is looking for a temporary folder to install into and expects Windows to tell it where that folder is. If an entry is already present in Add/Remove and the program isn't actually installed, try going into safe mode and installing it - you may need to type both SET commands in safe mode before doing so.

  Ponkin 14:27 25 Oct 2005

I tried the C:\WINDOWS\TEMP but just the same result.

  splork 14:38 25 Oct 2005

Do you have Winzip on your PC?

  splork 14:43 25 Oct 2005

If not, you can get it here click here (select v8.1 SR-1).
Once that is installed, right click your WinGluco1_3_EN.exe and select from the context menu "Extract to folder WinGluco1_3_EN/" or something similar. Then go into the folder it created, and run setup.exe from there. You can delete that folder after installation.

  Ponkin 15:11 25 Oct 2005

Well,Well,Well! That did it-winzipping that is, yes I had it installed, but previously, a bar showd the program de-compressing so I assumed that was being done. And the downloaded program did not show as a Zippered file. Alls well that ends well. Thanks very much for your help. PC Advisor triumphs again!

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