Program For Web Design.

  Ade_1 15:18 14 Aug 2007


I was looking for a program to design websites in which has the facility of a template. I am already using Dreamweaver, however, I would like to change and have a look at what else is available to me. I do practically all of my design in code view so design view is not necessary. When I say 'template' I mean a template that you use for all of your others pages so that if you change a link address for example on that page it will change the link address of all of the other pages etc.

I hope you understand what I mean!

Thanks in advance

Aidan L

  mco 17:57 14 Aug 2007

wouldn't that be more useful to what you want to do?

  Ade_1 18:19 14 Aug 2007

Yeah I am using CSS, but if I was to change a link address on one page I would have to do it on all of the other ones.

Surely Dreamweaver does this! Unless I've completely missed what you are getting at. Or you haven't explained it very well!

  gibbs1984 19:15 15 Aug 2007

I think he means changing the URL of the link rather than the style, I'm not sure CSS can do this can it?

  HighTower 20:05 15 Aug 2007

Are you talking about php includes, where you create one php file which is referenced from different pages. Changing the one php file therefore is reflected in all the pages that include it?

  Ade_1 22:43 15 Aug 2007

I purely wanted a change from Dreamweaver as I don't feel completely comfortable with it if I'm honest.

Gibbs1984, you're correct in what you say. So, when I change a link on the template it will change it site wide meaning that I won't have to go and change all of the links manually.

  gibbs1984 09:36 16 Aug 2007

I know very little about PHP but when I used it I used includes to include a menu navigation on every page I believe, so as HighTower says that is probably what you'll need.

  Ade_1 11:51 16 Aug 2007

Oh right I see. It might be worth looking into that. Thanks for the help :-)

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