Program to send e-mail alerts as texts

  [email protected]© 21:12 07 May 2011

Is there an easy and free program that will send a text to my mobile phone whenever my hotmail e-mail address receives an e-mail? I dont always have my PC on but need to know when e-mails arrive. Thanks.

  Sea Urchin 00:40 08 May 2011

You don't need any other programs to do this - Hotmail is already set up to do it for you.

Here's how:

1 Sign in to your Hotmail account and click "Hotmail" to access your email.

2 Click "Options," and then click "more options." Select "mobile alerts for new messages" under the category "”Reading email”

3 Add your phone number by clicking "sign up for Windows Live Mobile." Enter your phone number in the provided box, click that you agree to the service conditions and then click "Next." Hotmail will send a verification code in a text to your cell phone.

4 Enter the verification code into the provided box, and click "Next."

5 Select the box next to "Hotmail and Alerts," and click "Save." Hotmail will now send you a text when you receive new email.

  Forum Editor 00:45 08 May 2011

"Hotmail will now send you a text when you receive new email."

Be careful what you wish for - I know someone who was inundated with text messages as his Hotmail address was spammed heavily for a couple of weeks.

  [email protected]© 07:20 08 May 2011

Thanks, do you get charged for receiving texts? Also what do I do for other email accounts other than hotmail too?

  Confab 08:43 08 May 2011

You don’t say what phone or package you have but my wife has a very very basic Nokia phone and is on a basic £10 a month O2 tariff. One of the settings on her mobile allows her to receive e-mail messages as a text message. Setting it up was really easy - I just entered her e-mail address on her phone together with her Hotmail password and that was it. It’s very useful if she needs to check her messages when she doesn’t have access to a PC (although this rarely happens). She doesn’t have a data allowance as such included within her phone tariff so O2 cap the cost at a max of £1 per day when in use. Perhaps your phone has a similar feature?

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