Program to run a program once a day on first boot

  burgerburn 00:21 28 Jan 2003

Hi does anyone know of a utility program that will allow me to have a program run just once each day on the first boot of the day, I am sure i have seen some in the past but despite hours of searching today cannot find one. Scheduled tasks in windows is no good as you have to specify a time and first boot is variable.

  jazzypop 00:51 28 Jan 2003

I can't find one either, that has the specific controls you are after.

Until you find one, why not create a shortcut on your desktop for the program that you want to run at first boot.

Before you close down at night, drop it into the Startup folder. Once it has booted the next day, drop it back onto the desktop.

  Switcher 01:15 28 Jan 2003

Put a shortcut to DOS in your startup folder to run a batch file to check if a specific file relevant to the program you wish run exists and was created today.

Batch file then takes following action:-

If not exist run prog.

If exist do not run prog.

Any competent DOS person should be able to write such a batch file in ten minutes.

  DieSse 01:24 28 Jan 2003

See the "Launch once per day" facility

click here

See "Run once per day"

click here

For Macs

click here

Aother one

click here

See X-ecutor

click here

  DieSse 01:26 28 Jan 2003

PS - Found by putting .... run once a day on startup .... into a Google search.

  Pesala 06:09 28 Jan 2003

Why can't you use Task Scheduler? Are you perhaps using an older version of Windows?

In Windows ME there are options to schedule tasks:

at system start up
at log on, or
when idle - the computer that it, not you (*.*)

  burgerburn 10:31 28 Jan 2003

Hi all

thanks for your input, just a few observations

Pesala, I am using Win98SE and the task sheduler in there cannot do the job, it could if you could combine some of the options but it only allows one.

DieSse. thanks for the input in my search i had put "run once a day" never thought to add "at startup" which is why i got so much unhelpful rubbish back. Xecutor did the job many thanks.

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