Program to partition an external hard drive (2 terabytes)

  nerawan 20:28 07 Nov 2011

Hi. I have a large external hard drive and want to make several partitions. Also I have PartMagic 7 and Easus 7.1. Both of them see the external HD but the option to make a new partition is gray. An hour ago I downloaded paragon Partition manager 11 but it's worse. The interface is not very friendly and even doesn't see the external hadr drive. can someone tell me what programs do it?. I use XP. thanks

  northumbria61 21:11 07 Nov 2011

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v.7.0 supports disks over 2 TB is FREE and available for download from here enter link description here It is the best partitioning tool I have ever used - so simple to use although I haven't got a 2TB HDD. This is what it says - Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer Pros: Fast performance, easy to use graphic interface, supports RAID drives, supports disks over 2 TB, bootable recovery CD available for download, can repairs Master Boot Records (both MBR and GPT formats). Supports Linux ext2 and ext3 files systems. Data Protection mode allows for more non-reboot required editing scenarios, and the recovery media offers much of the functionality of the full, online program. Cons: Recovery media requires separate download

  northumbria61 21:13 07 Nov 2011

More about it here enter link description here

  nerawan 21:51 07 Nov 2011

Hi NorthUmbria. It looks the situation is the same. I just downloaded ,it sees the external partition but the option CREATE (partition) is Gray out. When I red about it b4 downloaded I didn't see anything about external hard drives.

  robin_x 22:37 07 Nov 2011

You can only create a new partition in Unallocated space. Right click to resize or delete an existing partition. Right click Unallocated to create.

Also, you can only have a maximum of 4 partitions per disk.

Or you can have, say, 3 Primaries and 1 Extended Partition. The Extended Partition may contain a number of Logical Partitions.

My main drive on my laptop here, for example, has 3 Primaries and 4 Logicals.

The external drive is 1 Primary and 3 Logical.

It can take a bit of juggling to get the Extended Partition right if you need one (or it did for me).

Get anything wrong and the option gets greyed out.

  robin_x 22:38 07 Nov 2011
  BRYNIT 22:41 07 Nov 2011

You can only create a partition on an area of the drive that is not being used.

Open Easus select your Primary partition and reduce it's size. You can now create further partitions in the empty space.

  nerawan 23:04 07 Nov 2011

Hi Robin. Probably you are right. I will try in the next days. i use this drive to copy movies (at the moment I have used 320 gygas). A few of them are blu-ray that take a lot of space. I'm trying to shrink and transfer to 25 gygas Blu-ray and them delete them. after that i will make the partitions. thanks

  wee eddie 23:25 07 Nov 2011

May I ask:

What is the logic of partitioning an External Drive?

  robin_x 23:36 07 Nov 2011

Chacun a son gout

  sharpamat 08:39 08 Nov 2011

I have never found any problems useing the inbuilt tools in windows. With your external drive connected,go start,control pannel,system, then strol down to Admin. there you should have the option to select drive management. I find opening this will display all the connected drives with their sizes.From the one relating to your external, you can by formating first then shrinking to the sizes you want. each partition can be formated and set up as you wish

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