program not listed in add/remove

  User-2817D3FB-324D-4EF0-A1F3E24EA27877D1 18:18 29 Nov 2005

I'm trying to uninstall a program but find that it is not listed in add/remove. When I do a 'search' for this program it turns up a pageful of contents associated with it. I am using XP sp1. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Rgds, Mike.

  Skyver 18:23 29 Nov 2005

Have you looked for an Uninstall option in the start menu entry for the program, or a program called Unwise.exe within it's actual Program Files/ folder.
If the uninstall info has gone missing, re-install the program to put it back so you can uninstall it.

  wee eddie 19:00 29 Nov 2005

What program is it?

Greetings to;
Wee Eddie and Skyver.

Sorry for the delay in coming back.

I re-installed the prog and then used the uninstall to remove it. I think I must be getting too old for this computer caper. Nevertheless, I will soldier on cos its so downright fascinating.
Much thanks again folks.

Rgds, Mike.

  wee eddie 22:01 29 Nov 2005

Beware of using the term "Old" it's very carefully guarded round here!

  Wuggy 22:51 30 Nov 2005

That's only because Wee Eddie recently celebrated (if that's the right word) his 60th. birthday recently. My God I'm 2 years and 4 months (almost a lifetime) away from that so feel in the first flush of youth. No doubt Eddie is regretting that he turned down that sex-change operation now, as had he been a woman he would have had his first free bus pass. Still, walking is considered good exercise. What this has to do with computers is beyond me but I still find it fascinating.

  wee eddie 23:10 30 Nov 2005

I'm certainly well known for wearing a skirt at work.

Well - the Kilt really.

No - Seriously. There are folk here, doling out good advice, that have seen the back of seventy and more.

  SG Atlantis 07:56 01 Dec 2005

Absolutely wee eddie and you all have my respect and admiration, I'm 23 (just turned it yesterday) and I hope I'm like you guys when I get to that age.

Think PCA will still be here?

Greetings Friends,

Sorry for not coming back to you sooner, I thought that when my problem had been solved, thanks to your good selves, that the posting would end. I now see that it can continue thanks to the banter between forumites and long may that continue.
I think that the term 'old' is somewhat appropriate Wee Eddie as I am just on the 71. What the hell...I may not be as sprigtly as I once was and the bungee jumping is definitely out, but I feel a bit younger than that...maybe's whats between the ears that counts more than anything. Being in 'our' age bracket can also have some benefits. I went in to renew my passport today and was told that being 70+ I didn't have to pay for it saving €75 and drew my pension also today getting a bonus week, so it isn't all bad news..
I think Wuggie is 'stirring it up', but is it true Wee Eddie what they say about wearing the kilt.....
kindest regards to all,
laughter is indeed the best tonic,

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