Program Files Folder security

  jcotton 22:28 28 Mar 2006

Hi all,

How do I set up so that one particular user can not view what is in the Program Files folder yet be still able to have access certain files.

So when the user clicks into the Program Files folder via the windows explorer they will be denied or will not be able to view any files. BUT at the same time still allow programs like MS Word to have access to the files.

  ade.h 23:12 28 Mar 2006

You can't password particular folders in XP Home, except for enabling privacy on user folders below the Documents and Settings level. Even when the root of C is viewed for the first time, it just displays the screen that is controlled by the "hide operating system files" option (which is in folder options) and this can be over-ridden with one click.

Your best bet is to hide the Program files folder and then disable the viewing of hidden folders (again, in folder options).

But it can only deter, not prevent access. A limited user account would be a good idea.

Hope is on the horizon in the form of Vista, which will offer more sophisticated control and limitations.

  rawprawn 08:36 29 Mar 2006

click here Hide Folders XP2 is an excellent program, I have been using it for rears.

  rawprawn 08:40 29 Mar 2006

Regarding the last part of your question, Word cannot access a locked or hidden folder when it is locked or hidden, but you can open it at the click of a button.

  ade.h 15:46 29 Mar 2006

I'm not sure about that, Rawprawn.

What about all the hidden folders such as templates, user data, application data and so on that MS Office has to access? My desktop's top level Program Files folder is hidden and Office still works fine as far I know.

Or are you talking about the 3rd party app that you suggested?

  rawprawn 15:56 29 Mar 2006

I meant the third party application, sorry if that wasn't clear. Anything not hidden or locked specifically by HFXP2 is unaffected.However anything hidden and locked by it cannot be accessed without a password even in safe mode. The password covers all locked files so you only ned it once when you are on the computer.

  RobCharles1981 16:20 29 Mar 2006

I'm using Windows XP Professional is there a way though that ??

  rawprawn 16:32 29 Mar 2006

I don't understand the question. I use XP Pro and it works with no problems for me if that's what you mean. If you forget your password forget it you cannot get in.

  ade.h 17:39 29 Mar 2006

Thanks, mate.

Sounds like a good little prog. Better not lose the password though!

  rawprawn 17:48 29 Mar 2006

I use it to keep all financial data etc, even if someone steals my computer they would have great difficulty accessing it unless they spent a lot of money to break the password. I have recently upgraded from HFXP to HFXP2 and I am pleased with the new program.

  RobCharles1981 19:20 29 Mar 2006

Sposing I wanted too create a username for a family member... How do I set system polices so he/she couldnt change any system settings and view my files and folders?? Thats what I'm on about

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