Program Devolpment Tools (FOR BEGINNERS)

  Mad Boy 20:00 14 Jan 2003
  Mad Boy 20:00 14 Jan 2003

I am wanting to create,compile etc programs. I need to find the right tool for beginners. So far these are some files which I have chose:

BLOODSHED DEV C++ ( from click here )
This program was supposed to be made for ease of use, found the interface and functions rather difficult.

DELPHI ( from click here )
I actually got recommended this files from someone of this forum, when directed i tried to find the file, downloaded the compiler and it didnt work. Found this to be a big let down especially after registering and stuff.

VISUAL BASIC 6.0 ( from click here )
Recently got this file and saw that it was drag and drop capabilities. I began my first program which i was then getting excited, until realising that i could not even type in text.It was so difficult to use! I thought this was called VISUAL "BASIC"? Infact to tell you the truth the only thing i could do successfully was change the forms background colour! Also does anyone know how to add a loading gauge (like seen on aol when downloading or any other download or loading bars)

Basically, if read properly im looking for a compiler recommended for "BEGINNERS" unless someone can point me to some examples or samples to download for anyone of these files (listed above)

Also i have contacted microsoft about Visual Basic.

So people if anyknows of any compilers recommended for its ease of use and function abilities, and/or downloads for samples or examples listed above PLEASE let me know!!!!!!


  Elrond 20:45 14 Jan 2003

I use/used Bloodshed and think its extremely friendly. I am a complete beginner also and as i'd bought myself a book on C++ i found the said compiler and downloaded it. used it easily straight away. What aspect do you find unfriendly? As a beginner, i wouldn't have thought you'd be playing around with the configuratiion of it all, more typing the code into the main source window, hitting compile and if there's no errors clicking run. It's quite easy.

click here and you may be able to download a few different programs and try them out. I can't recommend any however.

All the best

  Mad Boy 20:50 14 Jan 2003

Thanks Elrond, when exactly did you begin developing programs? If so did you learn purely by books? or samples etc?

There is no actual part of the program which was unfriendly as such. I think the main factor of it all was actually getting to grips with the interface etc. Thanks again

  Mad Boy 20:55 14 Jan 2003

Ah, the link you gave me is actually where i got bloodshed. I looked there too for others, infact you name a search engine and ive being there!

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

The list goes on

  Elrond 20:55 14 Jan 2003

I've only just started and i am doing it all by books. Again i still don't think there is that much to get to grips with as regards the interface. As a beginner there's only about three things you need to click, new source button, compile button, run button. It really is a very good compiler as it colours the code and stuff for certain parts making it very readable. I doubt you will find a better FREE compiler about. The book i'm using even says to use this one while learning from it.I'd strongly suggest perservering with it if you have got a problem with it.

Good Luck

  Elrond 20:57 14 Jan 2003

When i say just started been at it about a month and half. Not about to bang out any revolutionary software

  Mad Boy 20:57 14 Jan 2003

Im just popping out, may not be back for a while....

  Mad Boy 21:00 14 Jan 2003

Ok elrond, i should have said this earlier. I DONT KNOW HOW TO CODE! so thats maybe why i gave up using bloodshed.

Can i ask what was the book called and where can i purchase it, if its free can i download it?


  Elrond 21:04 14 Jan 2003

Its a SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days. Cost you about £25 from any good bookstore. I guess you've been looking to make programs by using a program that does it for you. Well you wont get one. I also use Visual Basic and this is the closest i've come to such a program. It is very good and a lot easier than C++. C++ is quite difficult and there's a lot to remember.

All the best

  Mad Boy 21:07 14 Jan 2003

OK thanks so much....... All in All then what do you recommend sticking with:

Bloodshed Dev C++


Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0???

Thanks again for your help!

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