Progamsusing sound chip

  Zell. D 13:04 08 Mar 2003

I previasly asked what was wrong withmy soundchip, i had meny replys but i still cant get it 2 work. I was wondering if its posible to get as meny prgrams that use the sound chip in a list, ihavt byed eny program for about 18 months but i have downloaded Kazaa (the problem was before this), AIDA32, but i think mabyi have downloaded a couple others without realising. can yu help???

  Totally-braindead 13:17 08 Mar 2003

Zell.D never saw your previous question but if you're having that much trouble with your sound I would disable it in the Bios(assuming its on board) and buy a cheap sound card. You can get one for less than £20. Dabs are doing a Creative Labs 4.1 for £12.50 for example

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